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You would think with all the weather satellites, big computers, and smart people around, we would be able to figure out the weather for the next day or so. I watched the weather last night and we were to be in the 70's all week with a mixture of clouds and sun. They gave a 20% chance of rain for ...
With all the wet weather we have had this past Summer, the talking heads are exclaiming that this Ragweed and mold spore season is a bad one. People with allergies seem to be suffering more than usual, myself included. Then the falling leaves produce mold as well that I am particularly sensitive ...
I have a couple I am working with who is looking for a home for less than $75,000...with acreage. Luckily they are looking far enough away from Atlanta that there is a chance we will find something. Also luckily, the husband is handy with tools. Otherwise this could be a disappointing search for ...
It is really easy to rant and rave when something goes wrong. Boy, old so and so sure messed up that one! Or, I can't believe the other agent didn't know how to do this or that. Yep. It really is easy. Know what's not? Ranting and raving when someone does something above and beyond. Today I am ra...
Did you know that the for sale sign your agent puts in the front yard to advertise your home is very important? The sign in front of your home will bring a buyer 8-10% of the time, the statistics say. What they don't say is how many people pass by because of the sign or because they never see it....
Yes, the title is spelled correctly. Scents. Odors, sights, sounds. When looking at a potential home to purchase all your senses need to be on high alert. Most buyers rely too heavily on their sense of sight and forget their other senses, The other day I was showing a home to a buyer and we saw t...
Sometimes a buyer will find a seller willing to rent their home to the buyer for a period of time, say one year, and then consummate a closing for the purchase of the home at that time. The seller gets a contract for the sale of his home, some income from the property for the year, and can move o...
You find yourself moving. Not across town. Not across the county, but across country or even into another country. You have school aged kids and you want them in a great school. Help! This is a panic inducing situation for many. Information on school systems in the area is one of the most often r...
Happily, I announce that I have completed the course work for the SRES, Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation, taught by the National Association of Realtors. This designation shows that I have studied the unique challenges our 50+ year old buyers and sellers encounter when searching for new...
Agents do a remarkable amount of followup on meetings, calls, inspections, contracts and the such. Did you know that as the seller you should too? In particular, I was looking at homes this morning that have expired, or not sold in the time allotted by the listing agreement, and was struck by the...

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