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Nope. We don't have sharks patrolling around our lakes here. These sharks are the collective 105 swimmers based out of The Arbors subdivision. They pull kids from 5 or 6 different communities in Towne Lake. Today my business partner, Beth Campbell, and I attended the awards ceremony and watched a...
It's officially Summer. No one buys homes during the Summer do they? The answer is YES! I sell more homes in the second half of a year than I do the first half. I have spoken to many other agents who tell me the same thing. So why sell your home in the Summer? Well, for one thing, with the green ...
I love it when I get to show a home with a view to clients. It can be a view of the nearby Georgia mountains, a pristine lake, a wonderful stream flowing lazily by the home. These are really relaxing and clients love it. What I don't like is to arrive expecting a view, and be disappointed. Yes, I...
Over the past several years we have worked with many owners who needed to move but could not sell their homes for enough to cover the existing mortgage. They were "Underwater". So, we rented their home out to others, allowing them to move and rent where they were going. The idea was to wait for t...
Imagine a shopkeeper who owns a shop, but has nothing on the shelves to sell. Imagine going to the grocery store and the bread and milk are all gone. (Typical in our area when there is a call for snow in the winter!) Imagine starting to look for a home and there is nothing for sale in your area. ...
I think I saw Bambi this morning. Ever since I moved my office to my home in the basement, I have seen much wildlife in the back yard. Every morning a large doe saunters through the back yard nibbling on anything green. She looks well fed. She will get within about 20 feet of my windows if I stay...
The weather in Atlanta is usually really nice. We hardly ever get too cold in the Winter. If the temp drops way down, it usually stays that way for just a day. The summers can get warm and muggy, but many days the weather is just perfect. It does rain in Atlanta. And sometimes it doesn't. We had ...
I get asked occasionally if I believe my listing videos work. There are several answers to this question. First, the home owners love seeing the video of their home. Second, they show much more of the home than your basic slide show which normally puts the same pictures that are on the listing to...
Valuing a home can be tricky. There are all sorts of ways to value it for sale. One of the worst ways I have seen is to go out to a website that properts to know the value of your home. A professional Real Estate agent is your best bet when determining a sales price for your home. I look at squar...
The Hallelujah Girls opens tonight at the Historic Canton Theatre in downtown Canton. This historic theatre has about 170 seats, so each and every one has a great view of the stage. This intimate theatre is perfect for enjoying the Southern comedy of Hallelujah Girls, a play about a group of mid...

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