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I have a client and good friend who is looking for a home. He is, unfortunately, looking in the price point where 1) homes are scarce, and 2) they sell like hotcakes! We found a home on Friday that he liked. It is a HUD home and had been on the market for all of one day. We went to look at it and...
The answer is never. Never. You always negotiate. I have a good offer in with a local listing company that prefers that its clients respond to offers. I made the offer this weekend. My clients offered $190,000 on a $200,000 listing. Today I received a message from the owner that while she appreci...
St. Patrick's Day is a neat way of remembering all our Irish brethren. It also happens right before Spring and gives us all a chance to celebrate having survived another Winter! I like St. Patrick's Day. From what I understand, there are green rivers flowing in Chicago and Savannah. There are par...
When you make an offer on a home, at least here in Georgia, it is usually followed by an acceptance and then usually a home inspection by the Buyer. If the Buyer wants something fixed that was turned up in the inspection, they ask the Seller. The Seller then hires someone to deal with the problem...
Are you seeing stars? If not, the Atlanta area has some great places to see them! Downtown we have movie stars prowling around because of the active movie business here, but that will be for another post. Today I am talking about celestial issues, real stars! And planets and moons... I drove down...
Did you know that agents can "Fire" a client? Does this sound like a preposterous thing for an agent looking to make money in Real Estate to do? Well, it happens. We as agents try our best to get along with every client. We will jump through hoops to make sure our clients are well taken care of t...
Gibbs Gardens is located in Ball Ground Georgia and has only been open for about a year. Jim Gibbs, owner and founder of the gardens has been working for more than 30 years to design and build these gardens, located on 220 acres. The gardens are planted in such a way that there is something new ...
Weather is a fast paced thing here. Yesterday the temperature reached the mid 60's. Yesterday afternoon we had a thunder storm and last night it dropped into the high 20's. We now have a dusting of snow on the ground. This weekend it is supposed to be back in the mid 60's. Somebody can't make up ...
I have decided that I will add some postcard advertising to my marketing mix this year. I have looked around at the various postcard printers and mailing programs, but I can't get my head around which one makes the most sense. For those of you using these companies, could you let me know which on...
Buyers are in for a rude awakening. The business has changed overnight, and Buyers for the most part are still unaware of these changes. We are now seeing just about every offer made on a home for our Buyers be countered with a highest and best request. This happens when the Seller receives more ...

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