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Mortgage and Lending - Producing Branch Manager at Cardinal Financial Company. - NMLS#469258
How many times do you call your lender or your clients call you and asks this question? What is the status of our file? Most times it becomes very frustrating trying to get updates as to where you are at in the process. Communication is the number one item that Realtors will say is the most impor...
Jumbo rates are very low right now, take advantage of these rates while you can. From the 30 year fixed to the 5/1 arm they are very low. If you would like a free mortgage analysis please feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you, Patrick Chicklinski
I posted a blog on this subject yesterday and received very little feedback on it. I know that in today's real estate and lending environment it is crucial that we all have great relationships with each one of our business partners. I want to hear from as many agents out there as possible on thi...
Do not miss out on these all time low rates!!! They are lower than they have ever been, from Fha to Jumbo take advantage today. Even if you refinanced last year and have an interest rate around 6%, you can get below 5%!! Call me today for a free mortgage analysis to see if you can benefit from i...
  If you want to drive more traffic to your listings then I have some ideas. What do agents do now when they get a new listing? They put it on MLS, have a brokers open, put it in a local real estate magazine, and have an open house. That is what every agent does pretty much when they a get a new...
    Now is the time to take advantage of the low interest rates and refinance. If you are not sure if you would benefit from a refinance please call me today and we will do a free mortgage analysis for you. The rates are under 5% still!!! From Fha to Jumbo rates are at an all time low. Do not mi...
Ok, I have been cold calling on agents for a few years now and have had some very funny stories from it. Some agents take a minute and talk to you and hear what you have to say, while others are completely rude and arrogant. They will tell me something like I am in a closing and can't talk..........
I read a blog the other day about Realtors getting a retainer upfront from potential clients and it made me think. Us mortgage bankers are in the same position, I have done many loans where things change during the process and money is short.......guess who takes that HIT?? You guessed it...the l...
Good Morning, I wanted to remind everyone that the mortgage rates are still extremely LOW. Now is the time to take advantage of these incredible rates, if you are thinking about a new home purchase call me so we can look at your situation and get you pre-qualified. If you have a current mortgage...
Do not forget that the Parade of Homes is in full swing, come out this weekend and see some of the great homes that are on display. If you have not heard by now... interest rates are very low!!!  from FHA to Jumbo they are at a record low,take advantage of great sales prices and awesome interest ...

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