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Are we at the bottom? By Phillip Cantrell The only way to even partially predict what is to come is by looking at historical data and attempt to identify the trends. The events surrounding historical trends sometimes match up very closely with current events and even my simple mind can say “hey, ...
The true beauty of a blog is not just in the sharing of information, but also in the creation of a platform for dialog.  Sometimes I get some feedback on my posts, and sometimes it just spins off into cyber-land without ever knowing if anyone hears it.  Kind of like the age old question of "if a ...
"Denial ain't just a river in Egypt."•-       Mark Twain   With today's changing market, the traditional broker model is bankrupt.  Denying it doesn't make it less of a fact.  Just in Nashville alone, 4 major agencies have either shut down or consolidated from multiple offices to just one within ...
Catchy title isn't it?  I must confess that I saw it the other day in my HOA newsletter and the value of it hit me immediately.  That's where the similarity ends though.  The rest of the content here is absolutely original. So, what do I think?  I think there should be more positive news in the p...
Almost on a daily basis, I am asked questions by folks who have read a book or watched a show on HGTV and want to flesh out their understanding of issues related to real estate.  Most of what we see on TV and read in magazines or (in some cases) books is put there for pure entertainment value.  O...


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