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Blog? SEO? CRM sure I got that! Trulia, tech and real estate - no problem! tips and advice as straight up as possible.
Hey guys I am stoked to share this info with you all. As you know I was the Director of e-Business for Fillmore Real Estate for several years, and I am still a licensed NYS real estate professional - although no longer practicing as of January. Now with Trulia, the work I used to do for my broker...
     Well? Curiosity killed that cat, but something has to keep them coming back. think about it.How many people come through your site everyday, but don't say a word? How many eyes came to your page, read your thoughts, but did not write down a note?How many people truly care about what you writ...
Web 2.0, the "mash-up" continues to amaze me. People have found ways to take available web technologies and create useful and wonderful sites. One of these wonderful sites is http://donorschoose.org/. This site was started by Charles Best, a teacher in 2000 from The Bronx, NY. With their interfac...
For years Brokers and agents have spent countless dollars marketing in print. The main mediums being: Local Newspaper's, Real Estate Book's, Post Cards, Flyers, Door Hangers, etc. Their main purpose has been to generate phone calls/contacts from prospective buyers/sellers and most importnatly, ke...
I love Inman.Every year NAR releases the Homebuyer Survey. This years survey went out to 7,500 homebuyers and gives an excellent snapshot of our real estate market. For some of us, the house values are way off, but the percentages do stand true.Here are two links that review the survey findings r...
Real estate has attracted record numbers of new brokers and sales agents. From recent college graduates to seasoned professionals seeking new challenges, real estate has become one of New York City's hottest new professions. But there's a cloud attached to this silver lining. Inventory remains lo...
Information. That is what people want when they go on-line. They want all types of information: visual, aural, technical and descriptive. The internet has allowed people to collect information efficiently. That being said, if you do not have what they are looking for, they will go someplace else....

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Blog? SEO? CRM sure I got that! Trulia, tech and real estate - no problem! tips and advice as straight up as possible.

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