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Is anyone else as tired of Washington and their lies and excuses as I am. I received this email today.  Had thought of it myself when they were talking about funding $790 million to get the stock market out of debt.  Add that to the AIG bailout and all of us could be in good shape instead of bein...
I received a copy of a letter today from the Department of Revenue, State of Florida, having to do with short sales and documentary stamp tax due.  As usual, they have let us know much too late to cover all of our bases but I felt you should be aware:  An excerpt from this letter reads as follows...
I have received two calls within the last two weeks from friends in the industry regarding flips.  I can't tell you how much they concerns me due to the fact that an illegal flip is considered a felony by the federal government.  Not only are the people doing the flips being arrested but the real...
With the issues prevalent today in the real estate market (short sales, foreclosures, unpaid taxes and the like) why would you not want to get a preliminary title report as early in the process as possible?  Think for just one minute....  you finally have a buyer for that listing you have had for...
Due to the large number of contractor's who went under during the past two years I have had questions regarding Mechanic Liens and how they affect title to property.  I have begun answering these questions locally by emailing to groups of realtors and lenders to try to help people understand how ...
Re:          Homeowner Association Assessments...The Saga Continues   Date:       July 1, 2008                 In the article entitled "Re-Assessing Homeowner Association Assessments..." which appeared in the Fourth Quarter 2007 edition of the In the Title Corner newsletter, we discussed how last...


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