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Staging by Patricia for the Northern Virginia & Great Falls area.
Is Staging Enough? I have been staging now for almost 3 years. I have seen when Realtors don't get staging and when they do.  I have seen many success stories when staging was applied and unsuccessful stories when staging was not applied.  The property sits and sits and well, sits. Lately though ...
IF ONLY MY RIGHT BRAIN WOULD SPEAK TO MY LEFT BRAIN......I would feel so much better if my right brain would play nicely with my left brain.  I find that I am getting busier and busier and my piles keep getting bigger and bigger. I have receipts pilling up and shipments coming in and more phone c...
Recently I have been faced with an issue that I have struggled with each and every time. As a stager, I strive to do the very best job for each and every one of my clients. I live in Northern Virginia which is a huge melting pot (as I am sure it is in many areas) of different cultures, religious ...
In my experience growing up as an only child you learn to do things for yourself and by yourself. I also remember hearing all the time (the times I actually listened oops! Did I say that out loud), "if you want something done right do it yourself"I have learned in staging this is just NOT so!  I ...
 I cringe every time I hear a Realtor or homeowner say, "Staging?" I don't need staging, I just do it myself.  Self proclaimed stagers this is for you!Staging is NOT about filling a room with stuff or making things pretty! I actually had a Realtor call me and say I want more stuff for the room.  ...


Staging by Patricia, N. Virginia
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Staging by Patricia for the Northern Virginia & Great Falls area.