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It was not so long ago that buyers were just around the corner. With everything that has happened it is a well needed break. Client relations are being tested and strong ties will make the market turn around and be  more rewarding for us all. Holidays are here and it is time to be thankful for th...
During these's hot summer days its a challenge to keep your lawn looking good. Many believe that watering your lawn as much as you can is the best. The best thing to do is to water your lawn as close to day break as possible. Doing this will let the water reach the roots and not just evaporate in...
I have experienced many buyers asking the question if the home they are considering buying has propane for any reason, does the propane company have a " lack of use" charge. Meaning that the propane company will charge you for not using a certain amount of propane in a certain amount of time. I h...
I would like peoples opinions on open houses for your customers. What have you experienced yourself. Are they a help or hindrance? I will well come all to give their feelings.
I would like to get opinions on where to spend your money when it comes to putting your self out in the market. Where do you feel is the best place to invest your money for the best return? Would it be advertising in the newspaper, on the web, TV, radio, billbroads etc.
If your home is shaded by trees during the day and you have a cool breeze, open your windows and use your ceiling fans to cut your cost. But when the sun goes down you may want to turn your a/c on because your home will start to give off the heat it absorbed during the day. Your a/c unit should r...
Most people are quick to call for a repair man to repair their a/c unit when they feel it is not working correctly. Before calling someone in first check your filter to see if it is in need of cleaning or replacing. Alot of times when to filter is clogged it does not let enough air flow so the un...
Many people today don't think about changing their cars coolant until there's steam coming out from under their hood. Most people never have their radiator flushed and new coolent put in. You should take your car to a garage that you can trust and it will save you alot later. Or do it yourself by...
I have been looking for some one for over a year now. It seems that many contractors are either very busy or have lost their appointment books. If any one knows of some one please contact me, I have many clients looking for help. Is it just the area or are others having the same problem. Thanks f...
I have heard several times from other agents, that an open house never works. I have held several myself and they seem to be correct. I may get a lead, but not sell the property that I am having an open at. They do produce other leads that may develop into a sale. What do you have to say?

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