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Tucson Loans and Tucson Mortgages are available for home buyers who have found the perfect Tucson Real Estate but, the home needs some work. Have you ever thought "I love this house, but...."? The good news is that there is are little known Tucson Mortgages and Tucson Loans available from HUD tha...
The USDA Rural Home Loan doesn't have a specific credit score requirement.  However the majority of USDA Rural Home Loan investors do have a minimum of 620.  In addition, if you have a credit score above 620 the USDA Rural Home Loan will be a little less stringent on you in regards to past credit...
When it comes to an FHA Short Refinance I get about 5 questions on a regular basis: 1)  What is an FHA Short Refinance 2)  How do YOU get paid on an FHA Short Refinance 3)  What if an FHA Short Refinance Does Not Work 4)  How long does an FHA Short Refinance take 5)  Can I do an FHA Short Refinan...
I heard on the radio the other day that banks just aren't lending money anymore.  The fact it that there are Tucson Loans going on right now and the opportunity to buy, especially for the first time home buyer, has never been better. Loans were available to just about anybody, their mom, the fami...
When you owe more than your home is worth and you need an FHA Secure Short Refinance, there are typically three outcomes.  Your FHA Secure Short Refinance options will depend upon the negotiations with your current mortgage lender. Short Refinance Write Down - This is the option of preference.  T...
It looks like the Feds are in the process of creating a company to buy unwanted assets of financial institutions.  The Feds have done this before; back in the 1930s they created the Home Owners Loan Corp to issue bonds to refinance people and the Resolution Trust Corp to sell off failed bank asse...
I've been getting a lot of calls about how to do a Short Refinance.  One of the most important things a homeowner must do in order to increase the odds of success for a Short Refinance is to complete a monthly budget worksheet. The montly budget worksheet will be provided to the current lender in...
It's the long weekend and I've been working more hours that exist in a day, or at least I thought.  So we're packing up the ole Coleman Tent Trailer and heading on out to the Mogollon Rim up outside of Payson Arizona for a weekend of great views, hikes, fishing and just plain old relaxing. The Mo...

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