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Special 4th Encore PresentationMortgage Market MeltdownWhat does it mean to You, and how can you turn crisis into opportunity?  Due to the overwealming success of our previous Mortgage Market Meltdown classes, we will be having a special FOURTH encore presentation Friday October 26thth.  Seating ...
So I bought my house in December 2006 and used a Realtor I had casually met who gave me the address.  Being a mortgage guy and someone who is really into database marketing and lead generation, I asked the obvious question.."Did you know that roughly 17-34% of all the people in your database will...
This will be my quickest blog post my thoughts are probably OBVIOUSWhile doing a little market research I noticed that national inventory creeped up another 0.5% in August over July.  Nationally we are at 10 months of inventory (Florida is a heck of a lot more).  So it looks like invent...
Here's a real story, and it happens in every market, every day.The builder's site Realtor gets a call from the builder's mortgage company that goes something like this.."Alan, That buyer of yours that was going to close in two weeks; not gonna happen.  Looks like the credit score dropped below 57...
So I was out on an appointment with an exceptional Realty Executives of Southern Arizona agent, and when I got back to my office I found one of those little yellow stickies saying "Call Christy at the newspaper".  So I spent the next twenty minutes explaining:What affects mortgage ratesWhat just ...
The media keeps telling us that real estate sales are down, and that it is not the investment that it has been.  I met with two completely differeny Real Estate Agents yesterday.  The first agent told me this:"Paul, I haven't sold a house in 3 months.  I have a few listings, but nobody is even lo...
Are you aware of the research available through the National Association of Realtors that can help you with your marketing efforts?Marketing research by Ries & Trout suggest that everyone has two slot in their mind for your business.  People have two slots for cola, for pizza, for toothpaste, for...
Friday I hosted my most recent State Of The Mortgage Industry session for Real Estate Agents in Tucson.  I had a packed room full of some of the most successful and influential Realtors in Pima County.  Why did they come?  To find out the answers.  And I gave them everything they need to succeed ...

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