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What's happening in Central Florida and Florida in general. Home selling news, home buying news, things to watch out for. Just an all around review of the weeks latest news that you may have missed. If you enjoyed reading the post please give it a LIKE, every little bit helps. Thank You.



What is that?Recently I came across an article that had photos of homes listed for sale that were considered crazy, insane, or just down right wrong. It made me think of how many times we skim through pictures and just glance over them not really considering what we could have done to improve a p...
So much for Small Town living.If you have traveled to or from Saint Cloud FL recently, you may have noticed some construction, mainly on the west side, bordering Kissimmee. It's no surprise that St.Cloud Fl has seem some growth with their recent chain restaurants popping up along 13th street. Res...
Cigarette Consumption  In 2001, tobacco firms sold 413 billion cigarettes in the US and total revenue was $71 billion, or 17.2 cents per cigarette.By 2015, consumption had declined to 269 billion cigarettes, but due to rising prices and taxes, revenue had increased to $94 billion, or 34.9 cents p...
Granite is falling out of favor with homeowners. The engineered stone of quartz instead is displacing the long-reigning granite as the top-choice for kitchen countertops."About 75 percent of our clients are opting for quartz over granite," says Bill Millholland, executive vice president of the de...
After peaking at 40.8 million in 2007, the number of tax returns claiming the mortgage interest deduction has steadily fallen, and as of 2013, the latest year from which data is available, stands at just 33.3 million. Not surprisingly, the amount of mortgage interest paid also peaked in 2007 at $...
Market "Health" Are homes selling at affordable prices? Somewhat Yes. Are foreclosures low? We are still dealing with them.Are values rising steadily? Not like many people think. Health Scale Less Healthy More Healthy The scale is based on up to 10 metrics and shows the current health of the 347...
Sometimes, it is not best to wait. The climb in mortgage rates that started in October and accelerated in November and December has created a sense of urgency among buyers. The new year is expected to bring more economic growth and even higher interest rates. And with consumer confidence at a 15-...
Total undergraduate and graduate student enrollment in the US this past September was 19 million. Registration peaked in 2011 at 20.6 million. Matriculation at public four-year schools was 8.1 million, 5.7 million at public two-year schools, and 3.8 million at four-year private nonprofit schools....
The average cost of raising a baby born in 2015 through age 17 for a middle-income married-couple is $233,610. Housing is the costliest single item, accounting for 29% of all spending,followed by food at 18% and childcare/education at 6%. As expected, there are economies of scale with regards to ...
Real Estate Broker Ponzi Scheme An Orlando real estate broker was arrested in Miami FL. He is accused of running a $4million dollar Ponzi scheme selling fake properties to foreign investors. The charges include 17 counts of wire fraud. It has been under investigation for over a year. In 2015 Fede...

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