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If you live in California it's time to start that new re-training program because if you use your cell phone - PDA or Blackberry while driving you will be ticketed.There are actually two laws that will take effect on that date.One specifically targets those drivers Under the age of 18.  They will...
I don't mean Uncle Sam, I mean Shared Appreciation Mortgages.This type of mortgage is very popular in Europe but never gained any ground in the U.S. until now.   With everyone searching for solutions, including the Feds, the discussion about SAM has been reopened with the lenders.  Giving a 2% re...
Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citi said they will cut back on lending.  I ask you how much money does it take to encourage these banks to lend?  Ben needs to pony up more cash to keep the economy going.  This is a Classic Example of why we need private money funding mortgages.  Their rates are...
No not Ben, although he did kind of say we might be slipping into a recession, I mean I heard it from a non-governmental source.  One with no reason to sugar coat the truth.I heard the word from a very reliable source in Beverly Hills on Saturday morning.  We are in a Recession.  Apparently this ...
After months of maligning the reputation of "Mortgage Brokers" as the cause of the sub prime debacle it's finally coming to light that the "problematic" sub prime loans were originated by State-Licensed Lenders (a.k.a.) Savings and Loans, to be specific.  So now that the word is out where is the ...
There's no better place to invest than in the United States.  They are so confident in our economy their combined purchases of U.S. Treasury Securities represent 24% of the entire U.S. Treasury Securities.  Can there be too much of a good thing apparently not in their eyes.  No doubt about it Ame...

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