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I know how happy some are now the government has raised the FHA loan amounts but when you want to talk about Government Bailouts - THIS IS IT.  How can a government criticize any lending program with such standards as proposed (exist) as in FHA?  I am sorry they need a reality check or the actual...
And the lenders guidelines are coming out just in time since HUD released the information a week ahead of schedule.  The new jumbo has many different twists, its best to contact your Certified Mortgage Specialist because they will be your best source for the correct information.  Fannie-Mae is ge...
I was listening to a program this morning, comments were made concerning the remarks Ben "The Fed" Bernanke made yesterday indicating more had to be done to stem the foreclosures.  I agree with him because its in every home owners best interests. As I have said before it's time to get over the ar...
Granted if you live in California, Florida or Las Vegas there is a problem.  But it's a local problem not nation wide as the "doom and gloom" crowd try to make us believe.According to the National Association of Realtors nearly half of the 150 metropolitan markets reported the median home prices ...

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