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Interests rates are historically low. Bank rate is 1 % ! Prime rate is 3% and all of us know its buyers market !! Compare prime rate of 4 % on 22 Jan 2008.  Do they want to buy when it goes up again ! I don't see housing rates haven't gone drastically down in my area and around yet. THat what I t...
"Mommy, don't," were the last words she spoke Mothers day is coming in March but what happend to this mom! In her final moments, Karissa Boudreau dug her small hands into the frozen ground and struggled as her mother tightened the twine wrapped around her neck. Read full story at:
Good neighbourliness and safety If you come back from office in the afternoon after snow strom, be ready for the snow shovelling. The City of Toronto  offers the following suggestions: Residents are expected to clear snow from the sidewalks in front of their homes. It would be nice if they could ...
Today, it snowed all the day in GTA area. I shovelled snow four times !! It was tyring but fun. Whenever its storm watch in winter to me it means no driving. No office, no showings etc. However, I find it is the best time to update contact list. And that what I did today: updating data base, writ...
Will it have an impact on Real Estate ? As a result most of us are already getting affected. Its the time to market but to move ahead very carefully. We got to control our expenditures very juditiously. This is what happend in a single day. Its like one short fired and 74,000 jobs lost ! Read thi...
The explosive growth of the Internet and the continuing public demand for greater access to government has resulted in governments at all levels rushing to ensure their presence on the World Wide Web. The main purpose of most of the government Web sites is to communicate with constituents and dis...
Should we do it our self or should we pay it to other party. Well it depends how much time we have in hand. Its a good tool and the key words v/s relevent contents are the very important for the respective pages. Depending upon the requirement, we can always cutomise it. However, all said, its no...
Only few of us tend to call FSBO's !! Its a good area to explore and there good scope. However, it is not that easy to convince FSBO's in first meeting.  We know the main aim of FSBO's is just to save money by not giving the commission for our services and still they want to sell the house at bes...

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