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Well, it's Aloha Friday here in beautiful Hawai'i. I like to say goodbye to the week and hello to the weekend. We have clear skies and my wish from yesterday for the trades to kick up has come true. My plan for the weekend is to take my family to the famous Black Sand Beach at Punalu'u and practi...
Back in 1996 I attended the Mike Ferry Seminar in Palm Springs California. It was so exhilarating to be part of that setting and the training was so enlightening. The following year I took the Floyd Wickman Sweathogs Program. Different but the same. Two different guys as far as personality but th...
How are you being affected by the VOG? I have a 7 year old son who is having breathing problems. He keeps getting what the doctor is calling "viral pneumonia" he believes is caused by the VOG. So, I checked out the information at this link http://volcano.wr.usgs.gov/kilaueastatus.php It seems we ...
Wood Valley Wood Valley is a mystical place. Hills and valleys of green, lush land where anything can grow. Located beyond Pahala and located close to a well known Buddhist Temple that has been frequented by the Dalai Lama, Wood Valley grows some of the best coffee on earth. Mostly larger parcels...
I found this awesome article and clicked on the link at the bottom. It's great reading and very informative.5 Secrets LENDERS Don't Tell Homeowners Facing Foreclosure by Derrick Ali My name is Derrick Ali, and I'm a RE Investment Manager and Consumer Mortgage Loan Advocate. I assist both homeowne...
I found this article at NAR.org and was very surprised by the national numbers. Being in Hawaii we have a large international market ... I was not aware that the international market spread so far. I found this article interesting and hope you all do as well. Aloha REALTORS® Reach out to Internat...
Web Page ActivityI get a lot of acitivity on my web page and have found that most of my seller and buyer leads come from my web activity. Since I have been tracking my numbers in January I have seen over 2,000 unique visitors per month on my various pages in total. I have to admit, I am shocked b...
Broker Open Houses I recently did Realtor caravan for the first time in a VERY long time. Normally this is just not my gig. However, I really have to say that the momentum that was created for the other agents to work hard for me to sell my listings was incredible. I have had several showings in ...
Hello fellow Realtors, I am curious how the credit crunch is affecting you. Me, well in my personal observation I have, as everyone, seen a HUGE decline in the quantity of buyers in the current Real Estate Market. However, on a positive note, I have noticed that the quality of buyer has risen. Th...
The Credit Crunch Well, I am curious how the credit crunch is affecting my fellow Realtor. Me, well I am certainly seeing a lower quantity of buyer. However, in my remote part of the country those who are looking seem to be serious lookers with the ability to buy. So, though the quantity of buyer...

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