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Today is what New Hampshire is all about, beautiful cclear blue skies, crisp clear air, and clean white snow to look at or play in. Are you a part of this pretty scene or do you just dream of being here. Let me help you fulfill your dream as we find the right house for you.
I would like to express my condolences to the people in the mid-west who are again coping with major floods.  I can not imagine what it must be like to have to clean up after such a mess.  In the past few years there have been areas of New Hampshire that have been affected by floods, but, even th...
When you get light snow this time of year it is usually known as being "poor man's fertilizer.  However, this year I would call it "adding insult to injury".  Yes, it is snowing again in Carroll County!!!  It is only light at this time and may change to rain and freezing rain.  Honestly, I would ...
When I came into the office yesterday I found on my desk a gift from my latest buyer customer.  At first glance it looked like 3 stalks of asparagus stuck into a little pot of soil.  On reading the attached information, I found out that it is bamboo.  Accompanying this was a note expressing this ...
Spring is on its way to New Hampshire!!  The roads have been posted against the use of vehicles over 6 tons.  That is always a good sign that Spring is on its way, no matter what the weather may be.  Some snow is predicted for tonight in to the morning, but the temperature will be around 30 degre...
Let me introduce you to two similar, yet different, towns in the heart of New Hampshire, Tamworth and Sandwich.  Both towns are mainly rural, but with vibrant village centers.  In Tamworth Village you will find two stores, The Village Store and The Other Store.  Between the two you can find just ...
Winter in New Hampshire!Well here we are into the last day of February with yet another storm predicted for tonight and tomorrow.  In certain locations we have already exceeded the recorded number of 100 or more inches of snow in a full winter with yet another 3 weeks till the first day of spring...


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