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Comments, Advice, Questions and more from a student in the world of Real Estate in Greater Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Oklahoma is an interesting place to live.  We're located in the middle part of the country.  We're pretty conservative.  We have people from all over the place who live here.  And our cost of living is very low and usually very stable. Usually, our local economy follows the national economy.  For...
It's 7:30 a.m. and I find myself sitting in the lobby of an Acura car dealer in Tulsa.  I have come here early this morning because I got a letter in the mail telling me that my car needs a software update. A software update for a car?  How crazy is that! As I pulled into the service area, I was ...
The Scene:  A deal falls apart because the buyer's cannot get financing.  Denial letter and cancellation of contract sent to listing Agent who happens to be a Real Estate office broker. Result:  Grown woman turns into a whining little girl. Ever had that happen?  A previously mature human being t...
CAUTION:  This post may offend your sensibilities! It's one of those conversations you find yourself having and while you're having it, you think to yourself, "I never really thought I'd be having this particular conversation."  And yet you are.  And it is so weird because the topic is...well...p...
I don't go to jail very often.  In fact, I've never actually been arrested and thrown in jail.  But I got to go to jail yesterday thanks to Real Estate!  Yep, I had to go get fingerprinted to renew my Real Estate license. It was a good thing that I called the jail before heading their way.  Seems...
When I was a kid growing up, I only knew two men named Bob.  One was a friend of the family and the other was my brother-in-law.  It didn't seem like to me that there were very many Bob's in the world.  I myself was a Robert.  Don't remember too many people with my name around either. Today it is...
We've all been there.  You write a great blog and then you need a picture.  And that picture would be great if you could use someone famous to illustrate your point.  But all those picture of famous people on the Internet are copyrighted, right?  So how do you get a picture of someone famous with...
One of the reasons I love Real Estate is because you just never know what you're going to walk into when you enter a house.  Take for example, the day I opened the utility room doors to find a group of about six braziers hanging from the clothes rack.  My buyers and I had a fun conversation after...
If you're a saavy Realtor®, (and we know you are because you're here at Active Rain), you probably already understand everything behind the meaning of one very important Real Estate word. SYNDICATION If you don't, let me define it for you.  Syndication is when your listing is taken and uploaded t...
My wife Diane likes to watch the television show about Sarah Palin's Alaska.  I will admit that I have been watching it with her.  I watch it for the beauty of Alaska.  She watches it for...well...other reasons. This past week Kate Gosselin and her 8 kids showed up to go camping with the Palins. ...

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