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CAUTION:  This post may offend your sensibilities! It's one of those conversations you find yourself having and while you're having it, you think to yourself, "I never really thought I'd be having this particular conversation."  And yet you are.  And it is so weird because the topic is...well...p...
I don't go to jail very often.  In fact, I've never actually been arrested and thrown in jail.  But I got to go to jail yesterday thanks to Real Estate!  Yep, I had to go get fingerprinted to renew my Real Estate license. It was a good thing that I called the jail before heading their way.  Seems...
When I was a kid growing up, I only knew two men named Bob.  One was a friend of the family and the other was my brother-in-law.  It didn't seem like to me that there were very many Bob's in the world.  I myself was a Robert.  Don't remember too many people with my name around either. Today it is...
We've all been there.  You write a great blog and then you need a picture.  And that picture would be great if you could use someone famous to illustrate your point.  But all those picture of famous people on the Internet are copyrighted, right?  So how do you get a picture of someone famous with...
One of the reasons I love Real Estate is because you just never know what you're going to walk into when you enter a house.  Take for example, the day I opened the utility room doors to find a group of about six braziers hanging from the clothes rack.  My buyers and I had a fun conversation after...
If you're a saavy Realtor®, (and we know you are because you're here at Active Rain), you probably already understand everything behind the meaning of one very important Real Estate word. SYNDICATION If you don't, let me define it for you.  Syndication is when your listing is taken and uploaded t...
My wife Diane likes to watch the television show about Sarah Palin's Alaska.  I will admit that I have been watching it with her.  I watch it for the beauty of Alaska.  She watches it for...well...other reasons. This past week Kate Gosselin and her 8 kids showed up to go camping with the Palins. ...
Take a look at the following picture.  Something is wrong.  Do you see it?  No? Look again... If you said it looks dirty, you're right! This is a picture of an AC unit sitting at a house that some buyers were going to buy.  The inspector noted that the unit was not functioning and needed to be cl...
Diane offered to take me to lunch the other day, so I said yes!  And when she mentioned Arby's, I was okay with that too.  Their chocolate turnovers are amazing!  So we met up at the restaurant, placed our order off the dollar menu 'cause  we were in a "Let's eat cheap" mode and then waited for o...
Real Estate is one of those careers that you can get into relatively easily.  Take the pre-license classes, pass the Real Estate exam of 150 questions or so, pay everyone you have to pay and off you go.  I got into Real Estate for less than $1500.00 and in about a month's time.  And Real Estate i...

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