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Speechless Sunday:  Where is this Famous Place? Let's start with a broad view.  Recognize it yet? No?  Okay, how about now? Still No?  Okay, let's zoom in again... It's the Chrome Shop Mafia garage from the TV show, "Trick My Truck"!  Sorry for the blurry photo, but the picture was taken with my ...
If you've been around Active Rain for very long, you know something that continues to be remarkable true.  Active Rain is a place that works and works well.  We get along here.  Many of us have developed strong friendships across many miles, even though we may have never met. Active Rain is an am...
Friday Funnies.  For those of you who live in the northern states, the snow/ice seen here probably doesn't look too bad.  But for those of us who live in Oklahoma, this is enough to scare us into action. So what's under the tent you ask?  No, it's not where I sleep when I'm in trouble with Diane...
Setting Your Listing Price It happens every day.  A Realtor meets with a client to discuss the selling and marketing of the home.  Many topics are covered, but it is almost always the setting of the listing price that seems to be the sticking point these days.  Many sellers are convinced that the...
I know it's Speechless Sunday, but I have to comment on this picture.  I saw this big boy yesterday while showing a client a 500 acre ranch for sale here in northern Oklahoma.  For perspective, look at the orange stake behind him.  That stake is 4 foot tall and some of it is under ground.  That ...
Take 10 minutes and watch the following video from the Utah Zero Fatalities website. It could change your business practices and maybe save a life.  Maybe even your life. It certainly woke me up.   Think about this in your life.  You're zipping down the road texting a client and having a great da...
You know how it goes, right?  You meet someone and somewhere in the midst of the conversation Active Rain comes up.  It's usually in the course of comparing marketing methods and real estate stuff.  You talk about how great Active Rain is and how much you learn from everyone else and how your bus...
Welcome Home to 1614 S Cedar Avenue in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma! This beautiful home was built in 1957 in the Broken Arrow Heights subdivision in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  When the home was built, it would have been way out in the country.  But not today.  Today this 1052 Square Foot home is located...
This Cozy furnace was found sitting in the one car garage of a home built in 1955.  Don't know if it still works or not, but we got a kick out of finding the old unit sitting there.  It is hooked up to the gas line, so we presume that it was working at one time.  It's a two burner unit used to h...
It happens every year about this time.  New listing numbers start showing up in our MLS.  The old ones begin to be intermingled with the new ones.  Then pretty soon you begin seeing more and more new ones and less and less old ones until, finally almost all the old ones are gone. But there's alwa...

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