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The Facebook post caught my attention.  It said, "I heard today of 3 top real estate agents in Tulsa who gave in to our difficult market and quit real estate. It saddened me that they couldn't work through the hard times. No matter how upbeat I am on here, I am feeling the very same hard times as...
I was thinking about the Realtor Code of Ethics the other day.  This isn't something I sit around and do that often, but it crossed my mind that day because I was mad.  You see, I had a seller who didn't listen to my counsel in regards to pricing.  And then he decided to remodel the kitchen durin...
Most every city has a restaurant or two that everyone knows about and loves.  In Tulsa, Oklahoma, one of our favorites is Coney I-Lander.  According to the Internet, a man named Christ Economou came to Tulsa, Oklahoma from Texas in 1926 and opened the city's first Coney I-Lander.  I believe you ...
Because today is 9/11, we all have thoughts on our minds about the terrible tragedy and loss of life in New York City on that fateful day.  Today is indeed a day to remember, reflect and never forget. But is that all there is?  Remembering?  Reflecting?  Not forgetting? Without being holier than ...
Let me begin this post by saying that I have no good excuses for why this is so late in finishing up.  I tried to think up a whole bunch of them that you might actually believe, but they all sounded corny.  So I gave up and decided to tell the truth.  I dropped the ball. For those of you who are ...
Readers, I am a blogging Real Estate agent in Owasso.  If you want to know what that means to you as a home seller AND if your agent doesn't blog, be sure to read this great post by Irene Kennedy.  With deep humility, I admit I dominate the real estate blogging in my area.  My posts place promine...
Okay everyone, Dr. Bob is in session.  Please have a seat. I wrote a post the other day about checking your blog for Plagiarism.  And I got a lot of nice comments.  But I got something unexpected too.  I got a lot of people saying things like, "I don't think I'm a good enough writer to be reblogg...
Why You Should Check Your Blog for Plagiarism If you've been around Active Rain very long, you probably know all about plagiarism.  This is when someone copies your blog and then puts it out as a new blog like they wrote it.  There are several excellent free Plagiarism checkers you can use now to...
Okay Active Rainers, I'm looking for answers here. Looks like I have an amazing opportunity to join this brand new "Referral Agreement" website.  From what I can tell, you sign up, pay your membership fee and then get referrals from other agents. And when I went and checked the website, the top s...
I was out showing houses the other day in the country when we noticed something strange way up high on the chimney. At first we could make out what it was.  Can you? How about now? Upon closer examination, we discovered that it was a rubber snake!  The owners had put it there to scare of birds th...

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