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I don' t know about you, but for me, life is bumpy sometimes.  My particular "bumpiness" comes from rejection issues which I won't go into here.  Suffice it to say that sometimes I find myself kind of down. I was experiencing kind of a tough time recently and I was having a tough time shaking it....
I was out showing houses the other day when we came across this spider.  She had parked herself across a window and spun a web.  Not sure how long she had been there, but she was huge!  We couldn't see any current meals wrapped up in her web, but I'm guessing it won't be long until she's got som...
Progress.  It's inevitable, right?  It's a part of life.  And progress is good too, right?  Well maybe.  But not everyone likes progress.  Especially when it begins to crowd what was previously uncrowded space. I was out showing houses in a new developement the other day when we were told an inte...
Readers, this is an excellent post about the realities of buying or building new construction.  Thankfully, in our area, we have many excellent builders who take great care of their customers!  Still, caveat emptor!Get real!  Why would I want to have an agent act as a middleman when I can deal wi...
If you haven't heard of Tag Reading, you might want to listen up.  Tag reading is going to be the next big thing to hit marketing and advertising.  Don't know what I'm talking about?'s the basics. 1. On your smartphone, go out to your app store and search for "Tag Reader."  There may...
Just when you thought the world of Real Estate wasn't spinning fast enough, we are now beginning to see this new animal pop up.  I realize many across the country have already been dealing with Fannie Mae and her odd way of doing things, but this is still relatively new to our area - at least som...
CAUTION - The following is edgy and sarcastic.  Thanks to Greg Nino and TLW, I'm developing a sarcastic side! Dear Mr/Mrs Real Estate Agent, This letter is to say thank you.  Because when you don't answer your phone it makes my phone ring.  It happened again yesterday.  A buyer had tried to call ...
Speechless Sunday - Empty Houses Are Lonely Houses There is a saying in Real Estate.  It goes like this.  "Empty Houses are Lonely Houses."  The reason we say this is because when a house is left alone, it begins to deteriorate quickly.  The yard will grow into a weed patch and all kinds of bugs ...
With Social Networking being all the rage in Real Estate these days, something like "Card Night" might not make much sense.  BORING might even be your first reaction.  But stay with me.  I think I'm onto something here.  Diane and I have been a part of a card club for several years now.  We get t...
Facebook has a new toy.  It's called Facebook places.  If you haven't heard about this much anticipated application, you may be missing out.  Or maybe not!  From what I can determine, Facebook places is similar to Foursquare.  The idea is that you download the application to your IPhone (or smart...

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