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Oklahoma.  Land of cowboys, indians and...teepees?  Yep, sure enough!  You can catch these teepee skeletons at some of our Oklahoma rest stops on our highways and toll roads.  But you might not want to stay too long.  They're not real good at protecting you from bad weather! For complete market ...
Do you see the mistake in the Tanya's Tips article? If not, let me give you a hint.  It's a spelling mistake.  Now, go look again.  Don't cheat! Still don't see it? Okay, here's another hint. "There, Their, They're" Got it now? Good. Why is this important? Because you're going to run into a clie...
Amali, Tulsa Zoo Giraffe Injures Neck This is Amali, a 5 year old female giraffe who was purchased by the Tulsa zoo for breeding purposes.  Amali was purchased from a zoo in Ohio and was transported to Tulsa.  The transport driver is saying that nothing unusual happened during the trip.  But some...
Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today! Are you laughing yet? That's the whole idea here folks! Just go to, upload and edit pics or you or your family members and get ready for a hilarious good time on Thanksgiving day! You have to become a member of the site to use the videos or make...
Thanksgiving. That word conjures up excitement for many of us.  We look forward to being with our families.  But for many, the word doesn't bring excitement.  Instead, it brings disappointment because our family can be or is dysfunctional.   Getting together at the holidays can be anything but pl...
For complete market reports of the Owasso or Greater Tulsa area, contact Bob Haywood, McGraw Realtors. 918-272-7272 or For information about buying or selling in our area, be sure to read Bob's Blog by clicking here. Here are a few recent posts you may be interested in reading...
Okay folks, this one is just for fun!  I found this "personality test" years ago and tried it out on the girls in my youth group.  And it was amazingly accurate! All you have to do is to take a look at the lipstick a woman uses.  You'll notice that it has a particular shape.  That shape has been ...
Did you know that Christopher Columbus suffered from heart disease and his legs and belly grew swollen in his later years?  Did you know he died dejected on May 1, 1506? How about this one?  Al Capone, the murderous gangster's death only made page 7 of the newspaper when he died of a brain hemorr...
Are you sick and tired of 1-800 companies or 1-877 companies calling you all the time even though your cell phone is on the Do Not Call Registry?  It doesn't seem like spammers care that you go to all that effort to NOT hear from them does it? Fear not!  A solution has been invented if you own an...
Hi Folks! Ever wonder if selling your house in the winter is a good idea of not?   What if no one comes to look?  Aren't there fewer buyers?  Can I decorate for the holidays?  These questions and more are answered for you here in this great blog by Chris Brown.  Thanks Chris! This time of year I...

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