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When our children were little, the words, "Oh be careful little tongue what you say..." were a part of a children's song we taught them.  We'd sing the song over and over and talk about being careful what you say about others. The words came to mind this morning when I jumped on my computer and s...
So I've got a deal going on a foreclosed property here in our area.  We wrote up the offer, got the addendum's from Fannie Mae and filled those out and are now in contract.  Cool! Yesterday, I got a call from one of the people in the "foreclosed" agents office.  She was asking me about the mortga...
I'll admit it.  I held off plunging into Facebook for a long time.  This was mostly because I own three teenagers who have been Facebooking and MySpacing for years.  It's a kid thing right? WRONG! I finally took the plunge a few weeks ago after reading Jason Crouch talk about social networking an...
I read about this concept a couple of years ago.  It was written in regards to church growth, but the idea applies to real estate big time!  Basically, the thinking goes like may think you are a native in your environment because you've been you, doing what you're doing for a long time...
The following screen shot is taken from the new BOK center arena website here in Tulsa.  I was logging in yesterday to buy tickets for an event (yes it was Dancing with the Stars!) when I noticed the Ford logo at the bottom.  Looks like Ford is an official sponsor for our new arena.  Here's the p...
It's been quite a year for me. Many of you know that my mother has been fighting cancer.  Now she's in the throws of Alzheimer's on top of cancer.  Needless to say, that takes a lot of energy to deal with!  The good news is that the cancer is responding well to treatment.  The bad news is that th...
Finally the election is over.  This is a day I've long been waiting for because in the world of real estate, election years slow down your business.  At least this is what the big dog, long time Realtors in my office tell me. So now that we're past November 4th, I have to wonder what happens and ...

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