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Many of you know that our office recently moved.  The new building is beautiful!  I love our offices and the colors.  One thing we now have is a large meeting room.  Our broker has installed an overhead projector and a computer there.  We can used it when we meet with clients, but we also are usi...
As I was drinking my coffee this morning, I was thinking about my weekend and the last few weeks and it struck me that there is just a bad vibe in our country right now.  And I'm seeing it in Real Estate big time.  For example, I've noticed that... My builders are in a bad way because their house...
The wife and I are painting a room in our house.  We heard about a product called Wilson's Imperial Wil-bond.  This is a liquid substance you rub on stained woodwork.  Wait about 30 minutes and you can paint the woodwork without sanding.  I've heard wonderful reviews about this product, but I can...
Ever noticed how some folks are able to place a copy of their desktop image into their blog?  It's pretty handy when you want to be able to show others exactly what you're talking about! For example, here's a copy of my desktop right now... Here's how you do it. 1.When you've got your browser or ...
We all know how powerful Google is right?  Did you know you can use Google to grab the time in any time zone in America?  Here's how to do it. Open Google in your browser.  Then type in the word "Time".  What will come up will look similar to this... What you'll see at the top is your own time zo...
I posted the PDF version of this a vew day's ago.  It was kind of hard to read, so I'm reposting the clean Word version...  Unless you've been living under a rock, you know the housing market is in one of the worst downturns in history, but some say it's not as bad as we've been made to believe. ...
I was driving through a neighborhood the other day where I have some new construction listed.  I saw this building site and thought you might like to know that our country isn't doing as badly as the news media say's it is.  Well, at least in Oklahoma, we're doing okay. These guys are pooring a ...
The US Mail system hires people to drive their own vehicles to deliver the mail.  In the pic below, you can see how most of the mail gets delivered here in Owasso. I was sitting in traffic the other day when I saw the mail "pickup" in front of me.  I've seen this several times, but those rasicall...
The following article appears in the new October/November 2008 Owasso Magazine that we highlighted recently in our Localism post.  I contacted the publisher and asked for permission to share the article with you on line.  She graciously agreed and sent me the file.  In the article, David Horton, ...
Have you noticed how much negativity there is on AR these days in regards to the election?  Some of the comments and Posts I'm reading get downright nasty! As I was reading through an argument people were having on a post written by Jessica Horton (click here) and another written by Tchaka Owen (...

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