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If you don't recognize what this is don't feel bad.  It's a gun range and unless you are a shooting enthusiast, you might not have been inside one of these before. I'm a relative new comer to the idea of shooting at paper targets.  It doesn't make sense, but it is truly a lot of fun.  I guess pa...
I call it VISUAL DESSERT DECEIT. The first time I encountered this was back in the 80's when my folks took me to Europe with them.  We went into this really cool little coffee house kind of place because we had seen these gorgeous (and I do mean GORGEOUS) desserts in the window.  It was the kind ...
Okay, so you've seen these guys in the Apple Mac commercials, right?   The ads are well done.  They're catchy and they typically hold my attention.  I think that whoever conceived the concept hit an out of the ballpark home run in getting the message out about how "cool", practical and better the...
This is Tamara.  She's the manager of the Owasso Delta Cafe.  My wife and I met her tonight while eating dinner at the restaurant.  Let me introduce you to a wonderful lady who believes in going the extra mile for the customer. Tamara told me that she's been working for Delta Cafe, Inc for sixte...
Here in our town when you want a sweet treat, one of the places you head to is Braum's.  It's one of those places where you run into friends while enjoying your shake, freeze or treat.    At nighttime in the summer, the neon lights are a beautiful sight!                     These ladies are placi...
So it's Friday night and we've gone out to eat with our group of friends.  We're at a local steakhouse that doesn't take call ahead seating or reservations.  However, the manager has told us that it won't be too long because they've got a big party just finishing up their meal.  We look around, f...
I'm so excited I can't hardly stand myself today! I recently invited two of my friends, who are also business colleages to jump into the Rain.  And they both accepted!  As I like to say, "How cool is THAT!" Tammy Laakso is working towards being an appraiser.  She's completed about half of her cou...
IT'S FUN FRIDAY HERE IN THE RAIN!!! I found this description of a home for sale in my little part of the world.  Now for the fun part...what is wrong with the description???  Do you see anything?  Is there anything wrong with it??? Come home to this great home in (name of neighborhood) in (my tow...
Owasso is a growing community.  We're the kind of town where we were all excited when Wal-Mart decided to build a supercenter here.  That was several years ago and since then, we've added a Home Depot and a Lowes and lots of new restaurants.  One of the newest features to come to our town is the ...
The land rush finally made it to Oklahoma!  As of Thursday, August 7, 2008, we are on the map - that being So welcome to our town! Take a moment to check out our pics, read some of our articles and check out Owasso.  In the days to come, I'll be adding neighborhoods and pics from ar...

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