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Here in our area, it is fairly standard to put a virtual tour together with your listings.  Not every agent does so, but many do.  Last year, when I first when into real estate, I couldn't afford to put out the $150ish for each tour, so it was one of those things I chose to forgo until I had some...
"22 million surplus large lot homes in the US by 2025... " I saw this quote in a magazine that our Church makes available every week.  The author was writing about where churches ought to be thinking about doing business.  Here's a bit of what he said..."Research conducted by Arthur Nelson, the d...
Ever had the comment made to you that you are an exceptional real estate agent?If not, try some of these tips.  They might help you to stand out from the crowd (of other agents)...1. Ask, learn and know the name of the people you're talking to.  Repeat their name back to them.  Find a memory devi...
OOOOKKKKLAAAHHHHOMAAAAA, where the wind goes sweepin through plain!Oklahoma is a great place to live.  We have a low cost of living and it isn't crowded!  You know why?  It's WINDY HERE!  Below are pics of a three story hotel that was under construction here in Owasso.  Thursday night/Friday morn...
Floor Duty.  Ahh Floor Duty...the opportunity to take prospective phone calls, get to walk in clients first and advance your business.Whoo Hoo!  Good stuff, right?  It's a long story, but in our particular office, the phone doesn't ring a whole lot when you're on floor duty.  It could be that we'...
One of my business practices is to do referral business - and not just referral business, but very good referral business.  I have a group of awesome business partners who have earned my trust.  These are people who, when I give a referral out, I know will pick up the phone and follow through wit...

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