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I haven't posted for a while.  The last few days have been a mixture of busyness, emotions and preparation for going to Little Rock for the weekend. Today, my sister and I drove over to my parent's house.  The weekend to come and check on my mom and to have some difficult conversations has arrive...
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I wrote a post a few blogs back that made reference to my mom having cancer.  If you missed that blog, we're dealing with non-hodgkins lymphoma.  This is our second time around. My sister called me today.  Her words were, "Mom creamed a mailbox!!!"My response..."GREAT!! It finally happened!" Okay...
Here in Oklahoma we have a mixture of city living and country dwelling.  Land is still relatively affordable, so it isn't unusual to own some property, either to build a house on or on which to "play" (ride horses, four wheelers, hunt, etc).  Last year I sold 10 acres of beautiful wooded property...
 This is a super fun website you should be aware of! It will give you instant demographic information about various areas of the country.  The only thing I don't like is that it has a lot of Google Ads embedded within the site. You'll be able to see school stats, including the number of minoriti...
Did you see the piece at concerning America's top recession proof cities? Tulsa, OK ranks at the top of their list! Here's the intro to the article America's Recession-Proof CitiesJoshua Zumbrun 04.29.08, 8:20 PM ET Nationally, home prices are falling, unemployment is on the rise and t...
Here in our area, we are pretty fierce competitors among ourselves.  We have some great real estate companies.  Many of them claim to be number one.  However, the reality is that that spot is held most often by my company in dollar volume.  Below is a chart showing company dollar volume for the f...
Here in my little part of Oklahoma, you just never know what a day of showing houses might hold in store for you.  For example:  One day this past winter, I had taken my 4 wheel drive jeep out with a client "just to be safe."Good thing as we found ourselves on a unplowed snow covered road, slidin...
I was showing a nice, young couple homes today when the lady asked me about the green manhole covers in the backyard.  "What are those?" she said.  I told her that the house had an aerobic septic system.  "You know, it's the new type with the sprinkler heads that pop up and sprinkle the water on ...
There are many reasons to love where you work.  As you well know, each brokerage company has it's own "feel", it's own way of doing things, it's own inner workings, it's own social structure and it's own broker.Our particular company is one of the largest in the area.  We have over 500 associates...

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