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Comments, Advice, Questions and more from a student in the world of Real Estate in Greater Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Owasso, Oklahoma Neighborhoods with PoolsIf you're going to be moving to Owasso, Oklahoma, you might be interested in finding a neighborhood with a pool.  While we have lots of Owasso homes that have their own backyard pools, sometimes you don't want to be hassled with pool maintenance and the co...
It was a typical day when I found myself at the Big Blue Home Improvement store looking for paint of a specific color.  This particular paint color wasn't for my home or for a client, but rather for a project we wanted to do in the youth building at our church.We were going to paint an accent wal...
I don't want to write this blog.I don't want to ask of you what I'm going to ask of you.  And that's to support a cause, make a donation of your time or money to a cause and join a cause if you haven't done so already.I don't want to do this, but I have to.I have to for my mom because my mom foug...
It all begin when I learned how to blog here at Active Rain. That was in 2007. I was new to Real Estate and I had no idea how big or how far blogging could take a person.In 2009, a new restaurant had come to Owasso called El Fogon, which means “The Fire.” Now, I love Mexican food and I loved that...
There's a contest going on at Active Rain right now.You can earn an extra 1,000 bonus points for writing a blog about a Lesson you wished you had learned earlier in your career.  This contest was brought to us by the wonderful Debbie Reynolds.  You can find the original blog post here in case you...
Her name is Susie Anybody.  She lives somewhere in the US.  And she's looking for a house to buy in the town where she and her family will be moving to.After a quick search, she's got 4-5 houses lined up to see next weekend with an agent she found online.Sounds typical right?  Except that it isn'...
When I say the word OKLAHOMA, what do you think of?Indians?Buffalo?TeePees?OU Sooner Football?OKC Thunder maybe?I'm pretty sure you don't think about UFO's right?  I mean, that's area 51, Rosell New Mexico stuff right?  Not Oklahoma stuff.And yet it is!The other day I went touring around the nort...
Last week I shared with you our first attempt at jumping into the world of video.  This week, I'm posting our second video for you to take a look at.  This one taught me a couple of things:1)You can have a plan for what you're going to feature in your video, but it might not work out the way you ...
If you've been in Real Estate very long, you know that there is a huge push to jump into video.Everyone says, "You gotta do video.""Video is the way marketing is going.""Get a drone and do cool video fly around stuff!"But the problem is that video is tricky.I mean, we've all seen those videos we'...
Unless you've been under a rock, you know that we passed a huge milestone on October 3, 2015.  Yep, the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rules have arrived.  And it's changing life in Real Estate as we know it.TRID stands for:T - TILA:  Truth in Lending Act(Designed to protect borrowers by ensuri...

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