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Florida Real Estate with a Northwest Florida Realtor. Get information from here on the Emerald Coast. We work with real estate buyers and sellers in Crestview, Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Niceville, DeFuniak Springs, Eglin Air Force Base, South Walton Beaches, and surrounding areas.



I was just checking titles of my post to see when my first post was it was in 2007.The next check I did was to see when the last time was I posted about views of theposts for the blog here on ActiveRain Real Estate Network it has been 5 years
As I just finished up writing yet another scam, by the way there is also a series of post on that link of a list of scams if you are interested to learn more to try to keep yourself safer in the ...
1. Look when you are tagged on a tweet always be careful with what your sent.2. Looks to see first if you can reply to the tweet if thats blocked 99% of the time its a scam3. Lookup the name in the twitter search box to see if there are duplicates of the company and or project or person if so the...
If your dealing with NFTS if you dont know what an nft is check out this  or if your dealing with Crypto coins, and looking to stake them (think of dividend payments for holding stock) or if your looking to do loans with ...
Now I wrote previously about wallet trackers but highlighted layer 2 polygon aka matic as many large companies are doing free giveaways on the layer 2 given the cost savings on airdrops and that they can quickly and cost effective get nfts to customer bases with layer 2 currently until the merge ...
So I just finished writing and wanted to break it into two post as it really is a separate section to address.  How do you get notifications to your email address?  The answer depends on what blockchain the coin is on in the link above I ...
Now I will say up front I have not digged into  farther than going to and typing in goodgames to see what came up, the only thing that came up was an nft collection MetaZoo Games Tokens (MZGT) And a token Good Games Guild (GGG)which is on a different chain ...
I know this setting has been around a longtime, just wondering if with the traffic online now there might be a higher goal to reach for getting the word out on blogpost here on ActiveRain, I checked my titles and havent seen to have written on this topic from what I can find. I am thinking this i...
This was what I posted as the goals for reasons of creating the NFT group.The strike through are of items that have been addressed with an overview so far. "If you were wondering about what an nft was I have started the group for you.If you wanted to find out where to buy one. If you wanted to fi...
Today has been a sharing day for me on AR, showing my 2nd Twitter, 2nd Instagram, and my Reddit accounts.