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The purpose of this Blog is to provide in-depth analysis of legal issues effecting Massachusetts Real Estate as well as analysis of market trends and comment on common issues, experiences and professional relationships



    I work with a lot of short sale clients as their attorney in Springfield, MA. I give a lot of credit to the Realtors that I work with on these short sales because they can take a long time and require a great deal more handholding, etc. . . These days I find myself in the same position that m...
I just "bought in" to the active rain outside blog deal.  I am wondering if I made the right choice.  When I look at my blog page it does not even have my email address on it?  There does not seem to even be a way to add my fax number.  I guess this post is just a Post of frustration.  I thought ...
  I just posted the following as a comment on a post regarding social media and the waves of the newest and greatest ways of connecting and how overwhelming they all are. . . I loved my own comment so much I turned it into a post.  Oh well, tell me if you agree: I think that social media is grea...
    So far I have had only one response on my previous (apparently untimely post) Basically a Realtor in MA describes an all around good attorney.  An attorney that is responsive and true to his clients.   Read below and answer this question, "What do you want to see out of your Real Estate Attor...
    It is 2010.  A brand new year off to a sluggish start. From my advertising background I recall that it is a good ideato poll the needs of your target audience.  My target audience is the real estate professional market.  If you are from a state that is a title insurance company state, you nee...
Thank You Active Rain for the leads and coverage. In 2009! . . The game has dramatically changing for 2010 and it seems that we are getting to a slow start in the greater Springfield, MA area - One category of transactions that continues to thrive is the "short sale". What makes one short sale a...

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