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The purpose of this Blog is to provide in-depth analysis of legal issues effecting Massachusetts Real Estate as well as analysis of market trends and comment on common issues, experiences and professional relationships



DANGER NUMBER 2 - Title Issues Another pleasant thing about buying a traditional owner occupied property is that the Seller will not require the Buyer to accept "Insurable Title" vs. "Marketable Title" and the Buyer may use their own vendors: title examiner, attorney and/or title insurance compa...
Sorry that this post does not contain the top ten sites that I use.  The fact is that I use Activerain exclusively, but I spend so much time reading about other sites like point2 and the new crib-something site from HGTV, Twitter, Craig's List, Face Book, Trulia and ????? - that I start to get an...
Personally I hate text messaging.  It takes me a long time and I cannot do it when I am driving.  As an attorney my clients do not want a text message, but some Realtors I work with like it!!!  So, I found this site called "Jott.com" In a nutshell, Jott is a number i call that records my voice an...
DANGER NUMBER 1 - INSPECTIONS One of the nice things about buying an owner occupied property is that the Seller usually provides a “Seller’s Disclosure” of the property.  This “Seller’s Disclosure” is a checklist of all of the main components of the house and the Seller’s disclosure of the condit...
BUYING BANK OWNED PROPERTY  -    Introduction Purchasing Bank Owned Property is riskier than purchasing an owner-occupied property.  The normal due diligence process, requirements for seller's disclosures, general fairness in the contract, adjustments after the closing, division of fees, quality...
Buying and Selling a home is really difficult work.  There are many times that I am asked by people "Can I save money if I sell my home without a Realtor?" The answer of course is "Yes", you CAN save money without using a Realtor's services, because you will not have to pay a commission.  This co...
Hello: Following is my entry for the Active Rain 2008 video contest. My inspiration was the last ten years of closings that I have conducted and the last six months of heartbreaking drama that I have counseled.  I just realized that my post was too short to register as a real entry even though it...

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