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Real Estate Agent Tips, Strategies, and Growth Hacks From Top Producing Realtors® Being the best realtor in your market is not as hard as it seems. Winning Agent Mastermind is all about teaching you how to work smarter, not harder. Stop doing what every other real estate agent in your market is doing. Stop wasting your money on systems that are ineffective and don’t work. Learn the right way to market yourself from top agents and marketing experts. Your real estate pipeline can grow exponentially and seemingly on auto pilot as soon as you make a few small changes to your marketing plan. Hint: We are NOT talking about cold calling , mailings, knocking on doors , or scouring the same lists as every other agent in your city
Real Estate Technology is ever so present at the 2016 annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NVCES is all about showcasing the latest in consumer technology, gadgets, and devices that will make our lives easier in 2016. Most of what is show here at CES is not directly related to our indus...
Happy New Years Real Estate Professionals!  To some, January 1 is a day of lead generation, and for others, it is a day of rest. Can there be a balance of the two?Many agents will call expireds, door knock and perform other lead generation activities on New Years Day. Others feel that aggressive ...
Stand out from other real estate agents with this unique E card.An E card that will keep your recipients engaged with your brand is a great way to set yourself apart from other agents.  With holidays coming up, I found an excellent way to catch the attention of your past clients and prospects. Be...
  Get your business page prepared for this new Facebook Professional Services that is rolling out soon! (sneak peek)  Facebook Professional Services is in the testing phase right now, and it can have big implications for local businesses such as Real Estate Agents.You can check Facebook Professio...
Real estate agent recruiting is no small task, but luckily finding new agents can be made easier with a targeted Facebook ads.Facebook gives real estate brokers and recruiting managers a powerful targeting tool within the ads manager. I’ve found it best to drive agents to a mixer where you can se...
Treat real estate lead generation like dating to attract your next clients. There is no doubt about it. If you’re married or in a committed relationship, take a moment to think back about how you were different before you met your other half. This mental exercise will help with your organic real...
Producing quality real estate videos does not require having fancy equipment and a degree from film school.As a matter of fact, most Realtors® walk around with a high definition camera in their pockets every time they leave home. The smartphone has come a long way. If supplemented with a few ine...
Taking 30 seconds to verify your Facebook business page is an essential step to get higher in Facebook’s search results for local businesses.If you’ve seen enough Facebook business pages, you’ll notice that many have a little checkmark next to their name. This indicates that Facebook has verified...
Few Realtors® will achieve success without the implementation of an effective marketing campaign. Unfortunately, too many agents do not understand exactly what common pitfalls to avoid. Thus they end up building an under-performing marketing campaign.If you are a seasoned Realtor® chances are tha...
The number of Realtors® using social media continues to go up exponentially every year. In a 2014 technology survey by NAR: 91% of REALTORS® use social media to some extent.Most of us use social media either to stay in touch with friends, network with other professionals, or to generate business/...

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