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There are very  few things we can predict the outcome of on a daily basis. You know what I mean. The best laid business plan that worked real well yesterday, your computer working just because it did yesterday, making it to an appointment on time when your car won't start, but it did yesterday. A...
Here's the thing about hard money. I have had a loan sitting at an investor for 2 weeks. They are so busy with FREE AND CLEAR property refinances that they can't get to my purchase. But here are their new customers. SELF EMPLOYED people that have high credit scores that can't get a loan anymore b...
I had such an interesting dinner at a meeting last night.  Our speaker was a world renowned economist that I had heard once before and thought he was amazing.  I just could not miss seeing him again.  He brought up some very interesting statistics.  My thoughts were going a mile a minute as to ho...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:Nancy ViejoVP Franchise SalesExit Realty Exit Realty Elite   Eloise Gauthier Opens Her New Office in the Oil Center   Lafayette, Louisiana (Grassroots Newswire) 05/20/2009 -- Eloise Gauthier, Broker/Owner of Exit Realty Elit...
For all Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents who want the latest information about the new changes to Fannie Mae Underwriting, here is the new 7.0 module broken down into simple terms.  Terminology maybe foreign to some of you, so any loan getting a Refer, Refer/Ineligible, Refer with Caution, is...

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