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Dear Fellow Realtors, I thought since this is Sunday, it was a good enough time to send this out to you. It is very inspiring and the person that originally wrote this is very "Sweet"! I hope you enjoy this and it up lifts you. As you know, for different reasons, we are in tough business at times...
Hi Fellow Realtors,   This just came in through an email and I thought it important enough to pass on to you. Thank you for your consideration. Here is the link, please check it out!   Not sure if this is a pro or a con. I guess it depends if it's going to be an option for Realtors to provide th...
Dear Fellow Realtor or Bereaved Fellow Realtor, The truth to the matter is that over the past 5 years, brick and mortor travel agents have dwindled from 220.000 to only 18,000 in the US alone. The truth to the matter is that if you have been reading any of my blogs in the past that my wife and I ...
Fellow Realtors, My wife and I have experienced many "Highs and "Lows" in Real Estate over the past 30 years. Being 61, and having experienced many, many, "Joys" and "Heart Aches"of life, I want to be a source for all of you reading this as an inspriation!  My question to you, is how much should ...
Fellow Realtors, I thought that I should send this on to you, so that you can benefit from the information that I receive through different emails. I carefully check out all real estate emails and I think this is a winner. Definetly register for complimentary business building tips. For most of u...
Hi Fellow Realtors, I thought you should see this! Featured in a "Back to the Basics" article in the June 2008 issue of Real Estate Magazine is HouseHunt.com and four of its member agents who are doing positive things to increase their productivity and visibility in today's challenging housing ma...
  Dear Fellow Realtors, Zeroing in on the 20% of your activities that will get you 80% of your results is the critical difference between being productive and being busy.  Take a few minutes to watch my new Get Amped Series: Focus.    Start your climb today. www.agentmountain.com
Thank you Fellow Realtor. Yes you can own your own Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity!!!!...I do and I didn't have to pay 5.1 Billion Dollars as Barry Dillar did 2 years ago for Expedia. Orbitz was purchased for 1.5 Billion Dollars. Go figure? For under $500, you have your on line travel booking search...
Hi Fellow Reator After reading this, you need to call me or immediately email me for the conference call # and special pass code #. There is another conference live call at 4:00 EST. Don't miss out!!!!!!!!!! My name is David NuHavun, a Realtor from Syracuse, N.Y. I am 61 and have 11 children and ...
Fellow Realtors, 3312 on line now is awsome. I will keep up the quick blogs, because of the magnatude of the travel industry. After talking with many Realtors all over North America, most have no idea on how big the travel industry really is. It is a 7.3 Trillion Dollar Annual Business. By having...

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