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A discussion of the home inspection and commercial building inspection industry. Home maintenance tips for consumers.
The children are out of school and are already bored. Summer is a popular time to take a family vacation. If you are going to leave your home unoccupied for a while, it is good to think ahead. Don't let the result of your absense be a disaster. Turn off the main water supply valve. Turn the water...
Is it really time to start thinking about spring? Officially, spring begins March 20, so it's really not that far away at all. I think everyone I know is ready to open up doors and windows and start thinking about those outside projects. One of the first projects we tackle every year is the gutte...
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, whether installed on outlets or circuit breakers, are designed to prevent shocks and electrocution. They sense "leaks" of electricity between the power and ground wires. Tiny leaks will cause the GFCI to trip and turn off power to the outlet. GFCI outlets are co...
My 4-year-old has practiced fire safety. She has asked questions about the fire alarms in the house and what to do if there is a fire. It's a 100-year-old house. She's no dummy. I keep telling her when she is a little bigger, we will show her how to use the ladder that would go out of one of the ...
Obivously an unoccupied house can be a target for burglars. Of nearly all the burglaries reported in 2006, an estimated 66 percent occurred in private residences. Most occurred during the day when the house was unoccupied. As a real estate agent, this knowledge can perhaps be used to help convinc...
Precipitation of any form, rain or snow, can cause additional problems if leaks in the roof allow the water to leak into the home. Water damage can cause mold, mildew and rot that if left untreated can damage wall coverings or even structural components of the home. No one wants to think about ro...
In just a few days, most of us may entertain as part of a holiday tradition.  The last thing we want is a trip or fall during an already busy and stressful time. Maybe we've decorated the interior, put up extra lights, gotten out grandma's best china, but how many of us take the time to check out...
Hanging lights outdoors for the holidays has become big business. Companies across the country will put up decorations for you and communities hold contests for the best and brightest. Nearly everyone knows how important it is to watch such lights and decorations indoors, but how many people thin...
Lifestyle must be considered when choosing a water heater. Those with low hot water needs may be able to reduce energy costs with a tankless water heater or solar system. Others may choose the conventional storage water heater or heat pump with tank. Conventional water heaters, the most common ty...
As a Nebraska resident, I'm fairly familiar with storm chasing -- at least the idea of it. Chasing massive storms to see what develops and record live the effects of such wind to improve safety measures later. It makes sense, although I wouldn't want to do it. For our industry, however, some scie...


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A discussion of the home inspection and commercial building inspection industry. Home maintenance tips for consumers.