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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Dawn Rickabaugh (Note Queen) Owner Financing Consultant
Dawn Rickabaugh is passionate about liberating and empowering people. She loves teaching sellers and other brokers how to create winning transactions through intelligent use of the Installment Sale, the Title Holding (Land) Trust, and other powerful strategies. These are also great tools for deferring capital gains without a 1031 exchange.
According to a poll released recently by LoopNet, an online commercial real estate marketplace, 46% of commercial real estate professionals say the commercial RE market will not rebound until 2011. Fifty-three percent (53%) expect further price declines of 11% or more. “Lack of access to debt fin...
[Also included below as a random tangent and not related to business at all (except I did make it here to write this post): Bare to Bear - a True Tale of Grim Survival and Wobbly Knees] . . . A title holding (land) trust is a great way to hold title to property, and personally, I will never again...
I had an especially exciting conversation with a Realtor recently . . . one of the few that totally gets how a little knowledge of the discounted note business helps put more real estate transactions together. Instead of going broke with many of her colleagues, she's a real estate broker, turning...
I’ve never witnessed a tsunami first hand, but I’ve been told that before the devastating wall of water devours everything in it’s path, like a hungry sea beast coming in for a glorious feast, there are a few moments in time that seem quite magical to the innocent and unsuspecting. The water lin...
Perhaps our souls are burning along with the forest as we experience the shock, sadness, anger, fear and confusion of watching the mountains, once rich with life, turn desolate moonscape. In a stupor of smoke, we watch homes evaporate, and wonder if ours might be next.  With ravaged hearts, we mo...
“We just don’t want our property any more . . . it’s too much stress.  We’re tired of being soaked by the bank, and we’re not going to send them another dime.” This frustrated woman and her husband bought a penthouse condo in Pasadena just above Cal Tech for $510,000 2-3 years ago.  It’s in a gr...
This is a typical scenario for FSBO’s and if they’re willing to be flexible, they can often create a winning transaction in today’s market: Hi, Dawn: Thank you for the wealth of information in your website. I’ve learned a lot, but I still have so many questions. I’ve been trying to sell my renta...
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Seller financing strategies work especially well for non-U.S. residents wanting to buy property here.  I recently received this email: “Hello, We’re Canadians interested to purchase residential and/or commercial properties in the US (Florida - Kissimme/Orlando/Ft. Lauderdale or Boston areas) with...
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Note Queen Capital buys seller financed notes across the country, showing sellers how to get cash even when they carry. Owner Financing gets sellers top dollar for their property. We make sure they get top dollar for their paper.