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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Dawn Rickabaugh (Note Queen) Owner Financing Consultant
Dawn Rickabaugh is passionate about liberating and empowering people. She loves teaching sellers and other brokers how to create winning transactions through intelligent use of the Installment Sale, the Title Holding (Land) Trust, and other powerful strategies. These are also great tools for deferring capital gains without a 1031 exchange.
Real estate professionals can get support around structuring owner carry transactions, and help their clients maximize the value of the notes created. This recent email represents fairly common questions that people have when they discover that owner carry notes can be sold, just the way banks se...
I really haven't been a fan of lease options for a variety of reasons, evidenced by the fact that I practically ignore them entirely in my book, "Seller Financing on Steroids". In my mind, there are more ways to be unpleasantly blindsided with lease options, than with regular 'ol installment sale...
Are we ready to wake up and use our big “outside” voices?  If you aren’t already on the track of understanding how our wealth, individually and collectively, has been intentionally and systematically highjacked, perhaps it’s time… it’s not that fun, but shining a light on the truth of what is ha...
Just a quick post to let you know that tomorrow’s Owner Financing Club meeting will be a webinar.  I wanted to have a better training format than the telephone conference call could provide, as I’ll be going over a recent note transaction… exactly how I closed it, so the process is demystified fo...
Private investors like you and I can make a profound difference in how the real estate market functions. Many of us tend to hold our breath to see what the government, or the banking sector will do... we can do a lot without them.  The principals and professionals who understand, or are willing t...
I’m not sure how many investments these days can offer the safety, return and low risk profile of discounted notes when purchased properly.  Buying properties with below market terms from sellers and then reselling with higher and better terms is also a way to create positive and almost effortle...
When I ask high-end Realtors if they ever see owner financing used in putting their transactions together, often I’ll get some sort of offended scoff, because no… of course not… their clientele has all cash and can easily get financing if they need it. Well, Inman News recently reported: “Trump e...
I’m really pleased to have Ellis San Jose as the guest speaker on my next club call on June 2nd, 2011.  Ellis, like myself, is a California real estate broker, a real estate investor, note buyer, and co-founder of The Note Guys with Gerald Lemoine. While he has done and can do just about every st...


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Note Queen Capital buys seller financed notes across the country, showing sellers how to get cash even when they carry. Owner Financing gets sellers top dollar for their property. We make sure they get top dollar for their paper.