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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Dawn Rickabaugh (Note Queen) Owner Financing Consultant
Dawn Rickabaugh is passionate about liberating and empowering people. She loves teaching sellers and other brokers how to create winning transactions through intelligent use of the Installment Sale, the Title Holding (Land) Trust, and other powerful strategies. These are also great tools for deferring capital gains without a 1031 exchange.
This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for a while now, because I get so many questions from investors and builders like the one you’ll see below. When the financing machine is rusty, we need to look for ways to lubricate the system and get those creaky parts moving.  We need to create liquidi...
Creative financing, creative property viewing . . . it's all good. Realtors need an increasingly diverse skill set to compete in today's market!
A lot of people are interested in the note business, but are overwhelmed by the choices and often the cost of entry. Anything you do will give you something, so nothing is ever wasted, but you definitely don't need to spend a fortune (like I did), to learn the business. In fact, it can be downrig...
Let's admit it . . . as a nation we've been partying very hard for a very long time, and now, in the midst of our collective hangover, we're looking for ways to sober up and find serenity. Who better than Bill W. and Dr. Bob to give us a hand? 1. We admitted we were powerless over the real estate...
Photo Gallery Description This property will go fast when it hits the MLS. This is an REO property. The private lender (now owner) is going to list below market to get into escrow fast. This is your chance to get in while it's still being cleaned up! Single story home on large lot. 3 BR, 2 BTH, ...
Def.: Trust - confident expectation of something; hope. Many luxury residential and commercial sellers don’t have a lot of trust in the real estate market. Recently, as if rattling a sordid skeleton, a local high-end Realtor squeamishly confided, “Nothing’s moving right now.” Though conventional ...
The quick answer to this question is "As much as possible." The more money someone puts down, the more protective equity you have, and the less likely they are to default. It's called, "Having some skin in the game." There are good buyers out there who do not have 20% or more for a cash down paym...
Recently, LA Times writer Peter Hong published an article about the new interest mortgage interest rates: Mortgage rates fall, but many borrowers will have trouble qualifying - Low seasonal demand and high borrowing standards make a rush of new loans unlikely. ". . . Jumbo mortgages, those over $...
This seller is representative of many sellers of smaller and mid-sized commercial buildings these days: "Dear Dawn, I read with great interest the 10/3/08, Investor's Business Daily article that featured your information on seller financing. I personally own a lake front condo office in Stockton....
This is the time for note professionals to shine. Our expertise can make a meaningful contribution to the economy. I got an email from Kay, who found me as a result of an Investor’s Business Daily interview: Seller Financing Can Seal the Deal in Rough Market. She was thrilled, and so was I, that ...

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Note Queen Capital buys seller financed notes across the country, showing sellers how to get cash even when they carry. Owner Financing gets sellers top dollar for their property. We make sure they get top dollar for their paper.