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Stores have been bursting at the seams with holiday decor since Halloween in anticipation for their annual holiday shopping frenzy that is now in full force. Consumers are hitting brick-and-mortar and online stores, trying to find the best presents at the best prices.There are some rules that eve...
The Equifax Breach Can Impact your Business & Personal CreditNearly 50% of the population had their information compromised by the Equifax credit data breach that occurred over the summer and was recently publicized. There have been many hacks in the past, but the most recent has the potential to...
Myth #1: “Balances below 30% of credit card limits will result in the highest scores.” False. Ideally you want to keep your balances as low as possible but if you are going to apply for a mortgage having your balances (on revolving credit cards) under 10% of the aggregate limits will allow you t...
How To Build Diversified Personal Credit ProfilesIt is extremely important to understand the credit scoring landscape in order to have the most opportunity to achieve financial success and freedom.In the credit and lending sphere, your credit profile/score is a direct reflection of your creditwor...
Before the use of credit scores, lenders used data from credit reports, individual account information, consumer financials, and their own underwriter’s judgement when vetting loan applicants. As one can imagine, this quickly became a risky venture for banks since they began to face many discrimi...
Jim and Nancy Russo were excited to finally be at a point where they were ready to buy a home for their growing family. With two little girls running around and another on the way, they knew it was time to settle into a home of their own. So Amy set to work window-shopping on Trulia and Zillow, w...
Ellie Mae’s Millennial TrackerMillennials make up the largest portion of the US population, this generation consists of individuals born between the years of 1982 and 2004. Some of the oldest Millennials were just coming-of-age in 2007 when the recession forced them to compete in a job arena with...
As an individual approaches retirement age it is likely they are more focused on preserving their wealth and less on managing their credit profiles and scores. Many retirees make this mistake after leaving the work force, this has the potential to destroy a strong credit score along with decades ...
  There is a new addition to how many mortgage banks view a loan applicant’s credit risk. Recently “trending credit data” has been added as a vehicle to get a more in-depth view of a borrower’s credit management skills when applying for varied mortgage products. It used to be that if you paid yo...
There may be light at the end of the tunnel for consumers complaining of unjust and inaccurate credit reporting behavior frequently used by TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. By August 12, 2018, the three major bureaus (TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax) will be forced to comply with new policies...

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