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I have started a new group today. It is concerning the Ham Radio World and anything Electronic. I know they have to be other people out there who are either Ham Radio Operators or just like to use a scanner to hear what is going on in there community.  I would like to invite anyone who is interes...
WOW, it was a great weekend for college football. The games where for Conference Championships, rankings in the BCS and where other teams not in the BCS would go. The BCS show was good last night, too. I still say that Texas was robbed, but I can't do anything about it. I guess why I really liked...
Below are the Numbers released by the Lake City Board of Realtors comparing October 2008 to October 2007 and it is not to pretty. Realtor sells where down a negative 36% and the median sell price dropped a negative 28%. I just received a call from one of our Local Banks here in Lake City, FL. and...
I thought I would put a poll out there and see what it will show. Who do you think will go to the BCS Championship Game and what team do you think will win? My pick is Florida Gators vs OKlahoma Sooners with the Gators winning.  It would be interesting, because Bob Stoops the Ok. Head Coach use t...
Two days ago, I decided to go through all of the Active Rain Groups and see if there was any others ones that I might would like to join. To my surprise there was many in groups that I seen that I would like to be a member with. Most of them are new, but I also found out that some of the ones tha...
Did you know that on home page (close to the bottom on the right side) has daily polls. They have 10 polls that you can vote on. You don't have to be any kind of membership, you can just go on it and vote. Also if you search autozone in their search area, you can register for a great...
This Saturday (11/29/08) the Gators will go to FSU and play them in football. Occurring to what I have heard the Gators are a 14 point favorite. I know you can never tell and we have beat them when they have been up and the same for them, but how can we just be a 14 point favorite when you look a...
Well the last 2 weeks or so I have been working several hours a day on my web site. What I have found out, is that I can never do enough to make my web site rank up, but every little thing helps. I will continue to try and below are some of the things that I have done. 1.
We, here in Lake City, Fl. have a new Publix that open a few months ago and a new Food Lion that open today. Both are real nice and big. Food Lion said that this is the first of a kind store for Florida, at this time. Below are two pictures I took of it.  Thannk You Bruce Dicks, Realtor, Lake Cit...
Well, I thought I would take a break and see what you Realtors out there are thinking. Wow, I think we are in store for a go close vote at the end of the season. Below is who I think will go to New York for the finals and then who will win. What do you think? 1. Tiim Tebow (Yea, I am a Gator and ...


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