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The Evanston Il Real Estate June 2017 market report is ready for viewing. We see some interesting statistics to discuss. At the end of this blog is an even more complete report that you will find interesting. We are going to talk about a 30-day time frame today. This is a comparison of data endin...
The Skokie IL Real Estate May 2017 report is now available for viewing. We will give you an overview of the market conditions and we encourage viewers to read the report at the end of this blog for a much more in-depth report.You can draw your own conclusion from the figures. We will explain a li...
Our Wilmette IL Real Estate May 2017 market report is available for viewing. We have seen so much in the way of sales that now inventory has cooled off. At least on a temporary basis that is.Wilmette IL is such a desired community people always are interested in moving to this North Shore village...
The Evanston IL Real Estate May 2017 report shows low inventory. The market is very busy and sales are up over last year. People are hungry for Evanston IL homes and condos and the lack of inventory is frustrating for some people.It is a sellers market and people who are listing property at this ...
Here is a look at Skokie IL Real Estate April 2017. We are going to focus on the 30-day time frame ending April 14 of 2017. Also a comparison of the same time of one year ago. A picture of the market conditions in Skokie IL.First the overall picture of Skokie IL show a 5.8% change in new listings...
We now have the Wilmette IL Real Estate April 2017 market report. The graph at the end of this blog will give you very complete information that goes back a year. For today we want to talk about the recent situation.We are going to focus on a 30-day time frame that ended April 14 of 2017. A compa...
We now have the Evanston IL Real Estate April 2017 market report. The figures look better this month for new inventory. The report at the end of this blog covers much deeper stats but we are more concerned with talking about a 30-day period ending April 14 of 2017.We are using figures to compare ...
Three bedroom condos are a very popular size property. We are going to give you a little information today to help you see what is going on with the market.Evanston IL is continuing to be a very interesting market for people to purchase property. In the last 10 to 15 years the community has expan...
This morning when I turned on the ringer of my Android Galaxy S7 Edge it came up with an announcement that a major upgrade was available and should I go through with the update or wait. I decided to let it rip.I had not even brushed my teeth yet let alone a shower and a cup of Tea. That is my usu...
Do you follow the unwritten rule that says no Ketchup will ever be put on your hot dogs? I personally feel that it is a matter of personal preference. I know many people who claim that it is a sin to put anything besides Mustard, Onions and Pickles and a Tomato on your hot dog.As far as I am conc...


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