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As a CPA and Realtor, I provide my clients and Real Estates associates insight into both tax issues and market issues impacting our industry.
Good news for buyers and the housing market. These changes are effective when the President signs the bill. The credit offers several new features, including a $6500 credit for people who are not "first time" homeowners and a binding contract rule which will take away some of the pressure in Apri...
This video had me laughing and crying at the same time. As agents who list REO properties and also represent entry level buyers who are frustrated by the system, this video sums it all up and hopefully will remind all REO listing agents that we must rise above the insanity and do things right - e...
I was reading a blog this morning by an REO listing agent who was baffled (and very upset) by the number of calls she gets for status on her REO listings, despite her warnings not to do so in the MLS. She promises that her listings are kept current daily and goes on to say that a property is alwa...
A report released by the Office of the Controller today, lenders are worker harder than ever to help homeowners avoid foreclosure with loan modifications. However, they report that more than 50% of homeowners who completed loan modifications in the first half of 2008 had fallen behind on their pa...
For homeowners facing foreclosures and considering a loan modification, diligence is key. This month, the State Bar of California launched a number of investigations into misconduct related to loan modifications. Some unscrupulous attorneys have allegedly taken fees, but failed to perform the ser...
No, I'm not talking about real estate commissions, but rather a great article a friend emailed me this morning and asked me to forward. Since I don't like forwarding email, I thought it best to share in my blog. Here it is: Written By Regina Brett, 90 years old, of The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Oh...
I have a personality flaw. Actually, I have many ... but this one I will admit. I am an "all or nothing" person. In life, like in poker, I find myself either "all in" or "completely out". And when there is an exception to this rule (when I find myself in the middle of in and out) ... I take on in...
With so many properties getting multiple offers in the first few days - many from cash investors, how can a traditional buyer with a conventional or FHA loan compete? First, be patient and don't get attached to any one house. The chances are you will be outbid. However, if you want to increase yo...
Delayed until November 2, 2009, FHA is changing the way condo projects will be approved. Under the new rules, there will still be an "FHA Approved" list, however all prior approvals will be invalid unless approved on or after October 1, 2008. For condo projects not on this list, FHA will start fr...
As a first time home buyer counting on using the $8,000 credit, it's time to act. The tax credit is due to expire on November 30, 2009. Unless the credit is extended, escrows closed after November 30, 2009 will not qualify. In other words, a buyer would need to be in contract soon since only 90 d...

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