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As a CPA and Realtor, I provide my clients and Real Estates associates insight into both tax issues and market issues impacting our industry.
Every day, our team addresses questions related to the following the title of this article which include: 1. What are the benefits of a Short Sale vs. Foreclosure? 2. Can I short sale an investment property? (Yes) 3. Can the debt forgiven on a short sale or foreclosure be taxable income? (Yes) 4....
News from Fannie Mae ... Fannie Mae is offering an incentive for buyers purchasing and closing on a Fannie Mae REO between January 28 and April 30, 2010. The incentive's goals are to encourage buyers to purchase REO properties and increase the sales volumes to help manage the higher levels of inv...
As if lending wasn't tight enough ... The FHA is required to maintain reserve funds at a minimum of 2% ... as of November, the agency reported that the fund had declined to .53%. In order to build funds and cover losses, the following changes will soon become policy: 1. The up-front mortgage insu...
Good news for buyers and investors alike. The troublesome HUD rule banning investors from selling a property within 90 days of their purchase to an FHA buyer has been lifted for one year starting on February 1, 2010.  Of course, there are rules and exceptions. Naturally, the transaction must be "...
For the patient buyer who wants to find the right home, a short sale can be the answer. We have partnered with a professional short sale negotiation team who have successfully completed 94% of our short sale transactions in the last year. One unique approach we take with our short sales is to sub...
Have you noticed more and more sales calls on your cell phone recently? Last week, cell phone numbers were released to marketing companies. From your cell phone, dial 888 382-1222 to easily remove your number. It took me less than 20 seconds. In 31 days, you should stop getting unsolicated calls....
In the last two years, we have issued over 1,500 Broker Price Opinions for lenders, asset managers, outsourcers and homeowners. These reports are not appraisals, but rather a licensed real estate broker's opinion of value based on the location, characteristics and condition of a property. Today, ...
"No way!" is the answer I hear from 90% of the people I ask. The other 10% wisely answer that it depends on their interest rate. Here's a simple example.   $500,000 mortgage with a 5.5% fixed rate for 30 years = $2,839 monthly payment   Let's say prices drop 10%, BUT interest rates go up just 1% ...
The good news is that  4,706 short sales were closed YTD in Orange County.   These homeowner avoided foreclosure, lenders were able to minimize their loses and buyers were able to enter the market.   The distressing news is that 5,759 short sales were canceled, expired and withdrawn in the same p...
"If You Can't Explain it Simply, You Don't Understand It Well Enough" ~ Albert Einstein   Every day I read articles, statistics, trends and countless opinions on real estate. In Orange County, the market snapshot and outlook has never been clearer.     Orange County Market Facts   1.      Supply ...

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