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There is something has caught my attention yesterdeay in the movie theater. We went to see the movie but came a little early, so we had to enjoy watching commercials for about 30 min. And what has caught my attention is that all the commercials contained word "affordable". Here comes pretty sexy ...
I've just received email from this company Realty Tracker offering to sign up to capture prospective home buyers. Does anyone use them? How can you track possible home buyers if  a lot of people surf the net for properties just to stay in the loop of what's going on. Ok, let's imagine that a few ...
This is sick..... I am working or brainstorming 24/7. And even on weekends I am on my computer making flyers, or following up, or prospecting, or researching, or reporting, or holding open house, or endlessly answering my phone just to help someone for free, or trying to fix someone else's proble...
Whether it's a business cards or post or other cards....I've found this website that makes pretty cheep cards of any size and you can design them yourself. It takes a little bit of a time but you can get exatly what you want (even the size of picture, when you blow it 100%) and the minimum amount...
I was at the office and by accident run into a flyer of this company, so I decided to check it out. I was quite impressed so here I am sharing it with everyone. The prices are very reasonable and choice is very good also. They have feature of building your own magnet of different...
Ok, I am so excited, I've signed up for e-pro course today. Even though I think that I know about internet more then a few people I know, I decided to do it. As they say "You don't know what you don't know". So wish me luck.
Today I went to the office as usual to do some small things and to attend a class. In a way, there was nothing exciting to do. So I wandered around for a while and had a very inspiring get-together with one of our agents who shared with me his project about how to transform FSBOs into sellers. IT...
OK, I am the crazy dog lover... I was looking at MLS listings today and run into a picture that doesn't really represent the house much but I think it was taken and put into MLS because it was so cute. At lease someone likes Realtors...Look who is there behind the door looking out.... What a cute...
We've been through this path before, but do you have a written bullet points to show your FSBO prospects what kind of real deal troubles they can get into if they decide to go solo. It can cost them more in attorneys fees. If you print it out and show them, it just may help...FSBO Advantages Not ...
More and more often lately I incounter the issue when tenents ask about what kind of decorational improvements they can do to a property that can be reversed and they will not be penalized by an owner. Here I've found a few that you can share with your renters:1. Add some color. Most apartments w...


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