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OK, here I am stuck. Christmas is approaching and I can't even think what do I want from Santa... Perhaps something to help me with Real Estate business, to keep me connected. But again, I have everything I need already... Maybe bigger monitor? My husband suggested 25" monitor, he is the Santa :-...
I think after all the work I've done on my website it's getting more hits...... This is the one I've received today. It's kind of small print, but it says that some individual by the name of Betty Pierce is wanting my expert advice to invest her client's funds in the amount of $24 Million. Either...
 The great motivator Zig Ziglar said "Motivation gets you going, but habit keeps you there. Make motivation a habit and you'll get there more quickly." Here are some action steps for staying motivated:Make your first appointment of the day a five-minute session with yourself to contemplate what y...
We all had training and have been trained on different levels, and once and again we are told that we have to find time and create a quality business plan which is very important for business. And this is the issue. I kind of know what exactly I want to do and achieve and I keep it all in my head...
This is one more portion of advertising I put on my car. I think the slogan sounds catchy......but any constructive criticizm is welcome. Please let me know if it sounds stupid......My dad always was telling me that even the bad advertising - is advertising, so I thought, more the better!!! 
I've just received my advertising car toys.... Have to say that I am quite impressed with the quality of it. So I would like to say thanks to one of the rainers who blogged about that company a while ago.Check this out...Now I will be "driving billboard" and I hope that some potential sellers and...
I usualy don't like to work on weekends, but I will, if I have to. No, actualy I am totally lying.... I always do work on weekends, but I work on my computer, while listening to Josh Groban, so it doesn't even feel like work. Sometimes I even don't take my pijamas off. Just sit in front of my sil...
This is the email I've received today. I couldn't quite figure out what's the catch, but I am not buying it anyway. And I am sure there is some scam attached to it. Customer Service28 TANFIELD ROAD,CROYDON,LONDON.                 Ref: BTL/491OXI/04                               Batch: 12/25/0304 ...
I am talking about the lifestyle. It's getting more and more luxury and, yes, you have to pay for it indeed. Tonight we, at Keller Williams, had a very nice presentation of a new construction in Port St. Lucie, Florida. We have those kind of presentations somewhat often, but this one definitely w...
I think I will become one very soon from sitting in front of my computer day and night. But it's not what I wanted to blog about. I've received new listing of home in Costa Rica and there was website about the location so I could learn more about it. So one of the pages on the website was designa...


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