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I've just received this e-mail today and it made me feel so good..... It's so cute because it's coming from the mouth of the most innocent creatures - babies. The question was "What does love mean?"A group of  professional people posed this question to a  group of 4 to 8 year-olds, "What does lov...
I decided to share these awesome tips with you after I found them in Trump University Blog. This article was written by Don Sexton, PhD, Trump University professor of marketing and sales.Here it is - a packet of ideas on how to create high-impact advertising on a low budget. (And most of us belon...
I am student of Trump University and just run into this article. Since I've found it quite informative, I am sharing it with all of Michael SextonLast week I had lunch with a CEO who had just asked his Website team to re-optimize his company's site. "We've got to get more traffic to our si...
In this day and age we have to create so many log-ins and passwords, so it's getting more and more difficult to remember them all. So we always tend to create the same log-ins and passwords to make our lives easier, well I am one of those people. We make it easier for hackers and other identity t...
I have to say that I thought I had some strong nerves......... long time ago, apparently. This past weekend my husband took me to Halloween Horror Nights to Orlando. We had some fun, but haunted houses were scary..... You just never can get prepared that someone will jump at you from the dark cor...
   1.   Increase Your Credit Limits Credit utilization, or how much of your available credit you're using, affects 30% of your credit score, otherwise known as your FICO score. It isn't surprising, then, that credit experts insist you keep your balances low if you want to increase your credit sco...
I've just discovered the neatest thing. On you can download your pictures, 10 maximum at the time, and the program creates showcase gifs for you. I think it's awesome. You can insert them in html or url on your website for featured properties or you can do whatever you want with the...
I thought I will post it here for the word of warning to all the agents. In our business we always have lots of expensive gadgets in our cars, not only bags and credit cards. Watch the video... 
Every day I discover new ways and new websites to advertise. This one I've found today. Has anyone use it? It looks pretty good, but I can't afford everything I see. Any feedback on this?
I just wanted to share this with you all, especialy the girl-Rainers. I think it's hysterical......and so true. Anyone else wants to be a bear? Have a laugh girls, we all need it sometimes :-) 


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