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If you were the only agent in your market with these sites would you do more business?? anyone can feature home on mls or zillow or craigslist N...
 Better Homes Realty expands rental services Known for its local knowledge and technological innovation, Better Homes Realty is well established as a great resource for those hoping to buy or sell real estate Now, the firm has increased the services it offers with the recent expansion of its rent...
Why Aren't You the Town Star? If local buyers and sellers aren't thinking of you first, and heading to your website first, then you're missing out on a huge chunk of business   If the Internet has taught our industry one thing, it's that information overload can severely hamper one's ability to r...
i am amazed how many agents work for real estate companies that feature the brokers name! I have friends who have worked for these brokers for years and all the advertising and marketing they have done have only help broker not themselves. When your building your brand please consider this, R U B...
0 Comments   When i analyize successfull real estate agents they are generally know for one town or section of town. Then we asked consumers about internet search, and surpisingly we found that most would choose a non real estate domain when they search. So we built www.homesinyourtown....
  We have developed a purchase mortgage lead system, that includes real estate net branch (virtual or brick and mortar,, fsbo lead system (, and B2B marketing system for loan officers This system has helped us survive and open ...
We have suveryed agents in our states who have switched to 100% commission model or high commission model and no company support and 82% of them had decrease in business. We believe that most agents will do more business when company supported marketing occurs. When consumers are demanding more t...
I have been a broker for 30 years and i have tried every lead system there is and what i have learned is that there will never be a lead system that you can build a company on or build a brand with. There will never be a lead system that will make agents happy. The REAL internet marketing secret ...
For over 30 years i have recruited and trained agents only to find out that no training is required to be successful in real estate. Why is it that, the best trained agents are not the top producers. I have agents who have been to every training event and earned many designations while still stru...
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