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A few weeks ago I met with a home seller that I'll refer to as Betty Bookmark. Betty is a local school teacher interested in selling her home in the Longwood Village neighborhood located in Cypress, about 25 miles northwest of Houston. Depending on the specifics (because all real estate is local ...
This morning a friend of mine was explaining to me that his buddies girlfriend wanted to be able to "get around paying a pet deposit + get her pet turkey as an emotional support animal."  Mmmmm, TURKEY!  My first thought was that there are legitimate people and perhaps scenarios where disabled ve...
Open houses are almost always on the weekend. But "which day" is better/more productive is almost always up for debate and even a potential argument, depending on who you're talking to.  A few days ago a buddy of mine got himself into a mouthy conversation about holding open houses w/some fellow ...
Word on the street says "if your home didn't flood that it's now worth 15% more than it was prior to Hurricane Harvey." This is basically hogwash. I even saw this on the local news. There is no formula or rational to say "15% across the board." As with any property valuation, you have to look at ...
Last week I met with a soon to be home seller who had just spent $44,000.00 on solar panels. The average sales price for homes like his is approximately $250,000.00. When the sales representative came to terms with Mr. Seller he informed him that his "investment" would bring substantial value to ...
Typically when I attend closing with my buyers it turns into a warm conversation where we can discuss various topics, including a congratulations.  The only people in the room are the Escrow Officer (closer) buyers and their agent.Today while at closing the Listing Agent showed up and invited him...
In the real estate industry there's a general consensus that any online company who encroaches on "our" real estate data is perceived to be a nasty, backstabbing threat: Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and even our very own Realtor dot com. None of them are truly demonstrating the loyalty that I personall...
Great conversation with Betty lastweek about re marketing ... & just how incredibly obnoxious it is to watch our fellow agents waste their hard earned money on some of the most ridiculous forms of advertising. Betty and I got into a small argument with an agent who thought it would be a clever id...
 I am in the middle of working 6 different files for closing. I noticed that collectively I have 893 text messages to and from those agents. This is ridiculous, unprofessional and potentially damaging to a real estate transaction. Let me explain...It's too easy to "fire off a text" without thinki...
Throughout the west Houston area Betty Bookmark presents herself as "The Area Specialist." Her billboards in the immediate area show her with her arms folded in front of rows and rows of text books with the caption "No One Has More Knowledge and Expertise Than Betty!"  But how much knowledge shou...

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