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Time to Organize~ This is the time to organize, when the weather is cold and nasty out turn your energy inside to your home. Before you begin take time to prepare for the event. You will want new containers, new baskets, and new labels for your items. You need to be able to find things quickly an...
Do you have an accent? French, English, German, Italian? Can you have more than one accent? The accents I deal with on a daily basis are not about your speech. The answer is yes, you can have more than one accent. Creating your own personal décor is all about neutrals and accents. When you choos...
                                   Buyer Turn-offs Today's buyer is sophisticated, discriminating and wants only the best their money can buy. If your home is not selling, maybe it is turning off potential buyers without you even realizing it. Here are some of the biggest buyer turnoffs that will...
  Relax & Enjoy.   Does thinking about decorating your home make your head ache? It shouldn’t. Decorating your own home should be an enjoyable experience not something you dread. I believe in using what you have if possible, creating something from the pieces you own, and adding only those items ...
  Closing my Eyes!   I am just closing my eyes and dreaming of spring. Enough with the snow thank you! We are already past mid-February and surely on the down hill slide to warmer weather and green grass. Can’t you just see the buds on the trees and the green grass sprouting up? Now is the time t...
> DIY Projects for Easy Home Décor.   Do you love a deal? Save a bit of money? Be creative? I have found and used some of these neat ideas and they look great and you have not spent all your savings. Begin saving empty toilet paper rolls. If you cut them across the roll and then press down they l...
  Are you Classic or Trendy?   When you consider your fashion and décor favorites, are you leaning towards classic or trendy designs? Here are some classics to think about. Do you love a wing back chair? They seem to be right in about any home décor, even modern if the fabric is right. Do you lov...
Be Bold    How brave are you? I mean with colour, not zip lining or sky diving. You would think some people are going to jump from a plane without a parachute when painting a wall. It is only a can of paint.  Try something different for a change. I tried a bedroom with the walls and ceiling the s...
    So you are selling your home. You cleaned and decluttered and painted everything white. Now you just wait for the sale. Have you actually tried your best? Did you look at other homes for sale and see how they are presented? Did you ever walk through Model Homes?  Be honest and compare yours t...

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